“Dark Skies” Invades Theaters This Weekend


HOLLYWOOD—Time and time again I tell people some of the scariest movies are the supernatural/unknown.  “Dark Skies” introduces audiences to a new element of fear that will leave the spectator unnerved in the theater seat.

This supernatural chiller stars Keri Russell as Lacey Barrett who is living the simple suburban life with her family including husband Daniel (Josh Hamilton) and their children, including their son Jesse (Dakota Goyo).  The family encounters a series of strange events that forces them to question the unknown.  Those sequences include a series of birds attacking windows, unexpected bumps in the night, alarms setting off themselves, and ghostly appearances that can’t be explained.

The supernatural chiller has been receiving plenty of promotion in the media nowadays and the trailer gives the audience a slight idea as to what may transpire in the movie.  It does indeed look to use unexpected scares to send jolts to the audience, just as a family fights for their survival.

The picture is produced by the minds behind the “Paranormal Activity” franchise and the horror flick “Insidious” which scared the daylights out of audiences.  “Dark Skies” was not pre-screened for critics, but it does look to be the first truly scary picture of 2013, next to “Mama.”

By LaDale Anderson