SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department released details on Tuesday, February 27, regarding a shootout that took place on February 17 near Alameda and De Haro Streets.

Authorities stated that the sequence of events was set off when authorities were searching for a suspect in the murder of one man and the injury of one individual. The suspect, Joel Armstrong, stole an Amazon delivery driver’s Toyota 4Runner during the same time that cops were patrolling the city streets.

The officers were able to locate the stolen vehicle behind a recreational vehicle about three miles away from the scene, near Alameda and De Haro Streets. Authorities were able to determine that Armstrong ditched the 4Runner for a recreational vehicle. Officers surrounded the RV before one used a loudspeaker to direct anyone inside the vehicle to come out with their hands up. Three people with a dog exited the van, but Armstrong would not.

Several minutes elapsed before police officers heard two shots ring out of the vehicle, prompting the officers to return fire. Of the seven officers involved in the shootout, a few were wearing body cameras that showed the events in real time. The officers collectively fired their weapons 65 times in a matter of 15 seconds. When the shooting stopped, a negotiator arrived at the scene and Joel Armstrong surrendered two hours later.

The shooting is now under investigation. There were no reports of any injuries during the incident. A 9mm firearm was located inside the RV by officials. Armstrong has been charged with: Murder, (8) counts of Attempted Murder, Carjacking, Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, discharge of a firearm, and receiving stolen property.

The Independent Investigations Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Police Accountability are conducting their independent investigations. The SFPD’s Homicide unit is conducting the criminal investigation and the Department’s Internal Affairs unit is conducting the administrative investigation.