Heavy Smoke In Bay Area


SAN FRANCISCO—Several fires in the North Bay area have caused heavy smoke and an increase in obscured vision all throughout the Bay area. According to meteorologists, heavy winds should help in clearing most of the smoke by this evening and red-flag advisories have been decreased immensely.

It is being reported that at least 125 acres have been burned as a result of the fire in Sonoma County which began on Wednesday, May 1. According to officials, the fire is about 60% contained. A second fire near the Silverado Trail that burned almost 75 acres is reported to be fully contained at this point.

The fires began as a result of heavy wind in the bay area and red-flag advisories for fire danger were immediately distributed. The winds are down to approximately 15 mph at this point and therefore red-flag fire advisories are not being warranted at this time.

By Nedda Alishahi