HOLLYWOOD—Horror was out in full-force this weekend at the box-office. Why? The prequel, if you call it or standalone film, “The Nun” spooked audiences to a massive $50 million plus weekend, dethroning “Crazy Rich Asians” which dominated the box-office for the past 3 weeks. The character Valek, which was the driving force of the villain in “The Conjuring 2” was a feast for audiences to the tune of $53.5 million, one of the best box-office openings in the month of September post Labor Day.

The movie is a real treat and finds a way to unnerve the audience in a way that you could never imagine. Impressive opening to say the least, the last opening to be this big was last year’s “It” which made over $123 million during its opening weekend. I expect the horror flick to be in a tight battle next week with the debuts at the box-office. In a distant second place was “Crazy Rich Asians” with $13.6 million. The film has earned $136 million since its release on August 15.

Nabbing third place was the action-thriller “Peppermint” starring Jennifer Garner with $13.3 million. I expected the film to have a larger debut with Garner in the starring role, but I assume that “The Nun” attracted a large portion of the audience who may have seen “Peppermint” if “The Nun” was not in theaters. “The Meg” is still holding strong in theaters landing in fourth place with another $6 million. To date the shark adventure has earned over $131 million at the domestic box-office. Rounding out the top five was the thriller “Searching” starring Jon Chu with $4.5 million.

September is looking to be a fun month, as this weekend ushers in three new releases. First, there is the thriller “A Simple Favor” starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, “The Predator” brings everyone’s favorite creatures from another planet back to Earth, and Matthew McConaughey is back with the drama “White Boy Rick.” There is talk that McConaughey could be in contention for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his work in the biopic.