“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Face Time’

Emily and Aria

HOLLYWOOD—The mystery behind the Alison face-mask was explored even deeper in episode four “Face Time” as the liars continued speculating the connection between Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse).  Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was certain her sister was hiding some pivotal information and was certain to get the answers that she wanted.

Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) father returned home in the midst of family services questioning her mom about misbehavior. Poor Pam (Nia Peeples) placed in a tough spot because of “A.”  Hanna (Ashley Benson) was not happy to hear from Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) that her dad informed him that her mom may have stolen her dad’s gun and possibly shot Wilden.  There is indeed trouble in paradise; so much so she questioned her BFF about the mask that she found.  A new detective showed up in town to help her partner Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris).  The liars are always being watched; unfortunately they are not aware of it.

Aria (Lucy Hale) was not too happy to have the liars digging into her love life. Spencer spent time with Melissa and her mom as she talked about her impending trip toSan Francisco. Her mom was stunned when she realized that her daughter didn’t get into the University of Pennsylvania. Melissa attempted to help her sis into getting into the University of Penn.  Hanna was not pleased to see Officer Holbrook at her mom’s office, where Wilden’s safe deposit box was opened; inside was found tons of money, two passports and a firearm with no serial number.  Ashley is looking more and more suspect in the case.

Emily overheard her mom and dad arguing about their current predicament and decided to talk to her doctor about the situation that she has placed her family in. She overheard bad news about the end of her swimming career.  Hanna decided to get info on the background of the new detective in town. She informed the new cop that Melissa and Wilden knew each other.  Just as the detective began to get the best of Hanna, Caleb jumped in to save the best.

Spencer provided Toby (Keegan Allen) with news on the current location of his mother’s doctor.  Aria began to speculate that Toby may have been looking for the lair.  The girls speculated that Shana (Ariel Miranda) may be involved in the mask making, just as Paige interrupted the conversation.  Aria was stunned to run into Ezra’s son, who questioned her about not being around anymore.  Jake (Ryan Guzman) was stunned when she revealed the truth about her former flame.

Ashley was frustrated with her life spiraling out of control.  She assured her daughter that nothing will happen to her; Hanna confessed to her mom that she knew she was in Rosewood the night of Wilden’s murder.  Toby had a conversation with his mother’s doctor, who informed him about the ‘heaviness of the air.’ What that is supposed to signify I have no clue, but it has to have some sort of importance. He later discovered the doctor has become a mental patient and delivered a vital clue to Toby about his mother needing to stay away from the ‘blonde girl’ who was trouble.

Was he referring to Alison?  From a distance, Melissa was being spied on by Spencer and Aria who set a trap.  She opened the suitcase and was stunned to find the mask the liars discovered. It was a devious move by Spencer, but I have to hand it to little sis to deliver a fatal blow to big sis.  Smart beyond eons, it was fascinating to see the well thought out sis losing her composure a bit.  Emily was afraid to tell her parents what caused the injury to her shoulder; yet the liar was skeptical to inform them of the truth regarding her situation and some feistiness erupted from the liar.

Hanna continued to speculate with Caleb the reasoning behind her mother’s involvement with Detective Wilden, just as Detective Holbrook and his partner showed up with more questions for Ashley. Caleb is indeed her knight in shining armor. Aria and Spencer followed Melissa to Hector’s place where Melissa was seen dragging a sack of what appears to be masks to an undisclosed location.  Aria distracted Hector, while Spencer followed her sister. Melissa was seen breaking a number of masks and dumping them into the lake, while Aria stumbled upon a string of Alison masks.

A flashback scene revealed that Alison was very desperate to get her money back from Hector as she fled Hector’s hideout with someone else who was driving the getaway vehicle.  Alison had an accomplice and I’m dying to know who it is! Melissa was not too pleased to see Spencer who confronted her about the truth regarding those masks that were made.  Spencer asked Melissa if she tried to kill her on the Ghost Train. She admitted to being on the train, but in an effort to protect her little sis from Wilden who was being told to take orders from a higher power, and Melissa dropped the biggest bomb of all indicating that they were all afraid of Wilden. Just what does he have on Melissa, Garrett, Shana and Jenna?  It has to be something epic, which means Ashley and Melissa weren’t the only people who wanted Wilden dead.

Here’s a vital clue: that burn mark that Jenna had in the first episode this season is because she pulled the girls from the fire! 

Melissa indicated that she has been protecting Spencer since the beginning; Wilden started the fire at the lodge, Jenna and Shana was watching the girls.  She asked the question we all wanted to know: Did she kill detective Wilden? It’s obvious that Melissa is indeed a protective older sister, who shocked Spencer to a degree; then again Melissa is a great actress, always able to dig herself out of her grave when needed.

Emily was horrified that the police were called to the home about a domestic dispute; “A” is really creating big problems for this family. Spencer informed Aria of Melissa’s innocence, just as they received a text from “A” indicating that Melissa is not “A” material. Hanna admitted she thinks her mom killed Wilden.

In “A’s” lair, pieces of the broken Alison masks that Melissa dumped into the water were being glued together. It confirms what Spencer stated, Melissa is not “A” as the siblings were being followed all along. With Melissa no longer a suspect, the “A” mystery continues to get more tangled.  Next week’s episode looks quite tense, with some heavy violence.  Until next week “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson