Suspects Arrested In Marijuana Cultivation Lab


SAN FRANCISCO—Authorities arrested both Alexander Lioulios, 33, of San Francisco and Lauren Todd, 26, of San Francisco on August 7 in connection to operating a marijuana cultivation lab.

In June 2014, authorities initiated a narcotics investigation in the region of the 100 block of Molimo Drive regarding a possible marijuana operation, after a strong odor of marijuana was reported from the region.

According to a press release from the San Francisco Police Department, a search warrant was served and police determined a marijuana cultivation operation was being held using an electrical bypass.  PG&E scoped the property and determined that electricity was being stolen.

Police also learned that a “Butane Honey Oil Lab” was being operation at the location. “Honey Oil” is a word used to explain the extraction of concentrated Cannabis Oil. Working with Concentrated THC through the butane method is extremely volatile and dangerous.  A small spark can cause a fire or explosion. 

In some cases the ignition is caused by a pilot light in a water heater or other household appliance. More fires and explosions have increased throughout the Bay Area and around the nation. The conditions of the operation at the residence were a threat to the neighborhood.

Both suspects were charged with marijuana cultivation, theft of utility services, two counts of marijuana sales, maintaining premises where controlled substances are used or sold, manufacturing a controlled substance and conspiracy.

Police found 84 plants growing inside the home, as well as 10 pounds of dried processed marijuana and 82 containers of concentrated THC oil. Both suspects were booked at the San Francisco County Jail.

By Staff