SAN FRANCISCO─New details have emerged involving the suspects responsible for the death of Benedict Ching, 73, who was dismembered.

Stephanie Ching, the daughter of the victim, and her husband, Douglas James Lomas, were arrested on May. After they attempted to flee the country with their two sons, officials apprehended them upon landing in Beijing, China and they were extradited back to the United States.

Suspicions about the whereabouts of Benedict Ching first arose when he did not show up to work or answer his phone on May 18. William Steiner, his employer, and Lilian Ching, his sister, visited Ching’s house to check on him. Lomas answered the door and indicated that the family was sick and that Mr. Ching had left. Ching’s car was still parked in the front of the home, and when asked about it Lomas abruptly closed the door refusing to allow Steiner and Benedict’s sister inside the home.

On May 20, officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrived at Mr. Ching’s home to conduct a welfare check. A large cardboard blockade was found blocking the entrance to the kitchen. Police made entry into the home and discovered a body, believed to be Mr. Ching. Investigators determined that his disappearance and death was a result of foul play. Blood and a circular saw were found inside the home.

After obtaining a search warrant, CSI personnel discovered body parts, including a severed head in the refrigerator. During their first appearance in court, Ching and Lomas were charged with murder.