“True Blood” Recap: ‘Karma’


HOLLYWOOD—Just when audiences thought the worse was happening to their favorites on “True Blood,” Sunday’s episode ‘Karma’ proved to expect the unexpected. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) continued his battle against the Yakuza, dispatching them in the most vicious manner, but not before Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) found herself in captivity once again, with her creator.

The duo found themselves with only seven hours before the sun would rise upon them, delivering the ultimate true death. Bill (Stephen Moyer) had a difficult time coming to the realization that the Hep-V virus was certain to lead to his death, just as Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) overheard the news as she entered the house. The news left Jess reeling.

Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) kept a close eye on Lettie Mae (Adina Porter), just as they were stunned to discover James (Nathan Parsons) at the residence. She continued to speak in tongue about Tara attempting to contact her from beyond the grave. The two siblings got crazy high on the vamp blood. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) felt remorse about cheating on Violet with Jess, and found himself in for a surprise when his lover set up a romantic event.

At the law firm, Bill discovered that the Hep-V virus is more out of hand than he expected. Pam and Eric came face-to-face with Mr. Guz Jr. who asked them questions related to Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). Pam was not willing to disclose details without having immunity. It is apparent Sarah has more enemies than she can count. Speaking of Sarah, she decided to pay a visit to her estranged sister in hopes of hiding out.

Jess made a call to speak with Jason about Bill’s current situation, as Violet listened from the bedroom. Uh-oh, this does not bode well for Jason or Jessica at all. Andy (Chris Bauer) raised hell when he caught Adilyn and Wade having sex, just as Holly (Lauren Bowles) came to her son’s defense. Sookie (Anna Paquin) was in no mood to get out of bed, but Jason kept pestering his sister until she got things in gear. Lettie Mae and Lafayette fantasized Tara on a white cross speaking in tongue. They chased after Tara who led them to their old home, but were both awakened by Lettie Mae’s husband. Dammit, just when things get interesting someone halts the truth from being revealed to the viewer.

Sam (Sam Trammell) did his best to comfort Nicole who revealed that she was leaving Bon Temps, with or without him. Tough position to put a man in who is expecting his first child. It became apparent that Sookie realized from a flashback that she had an open wound at the time the group attacked the H-vamp clan and Bill fed off her. Oh, Jesus, could Sookie be infected with the Hep-V virus?

Bill began to see the virus spreading faster while he waited; it appears his condition has accelerated. At the clinic, Sookie got tested to ensure that she is not contaminated with the virus and begged Jason to take her anywhere, but home. A tiff emerged between Andy and Holly about their children, while Arlene (Carrie Preston) did her best to get the couple to work together. Sookie got the news that she is indeed infected with the virus. No, this can’t be happening. Bill was upset that his legal terms didn’t take into consideration the relevance of time he has left to live. His attempt to compel the lawyer, but it didn’t work, as she begged for $10 million, and he snapped killing the legal junkie.

Amber made it clear to Sarah that she had to leave her home because of her actions. She did her best to convince Amber that she is reformed, a new person. Sarah revealed that the scientists created an antidote to Hep-V and that she drunk it. She is the cure to the eliminating the virus; didn’t see that one coming. Jess was near tears as Sookie revealed to Jessica that she has the virus. The two ladies shared a heartfelt hug. Jason realized his current predicament with Violet was toxic and wanted to end things, but Violet already pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately, there is just one problem his scorned lover has taken off to go after Adilyn and Wade. The two lovebirds unwillingly followed Violet as she implemented her trap.  The Yakuza, along with Eric and Pam arrived at Amber’s home and discovered that she was healed. A defeated Bill arrived home and was devastated to learn of Sookie’s condition.

So Sarah Newlin is the cure to the virus, but it appears she is on the run once again, so what are the residents of Bon Temps to do? Until next Sunday “True Blood” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson