“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Self Help’

Abraham had his world rocked in Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead."

HOLLYWOOD—I’m totally shoked that the writers of “The Walking Dead” are continuing to allow the viewers to learn more about characters through the art of flashbacks. This time around the audience got the opportunity to learn more about Abraham and Eugene.

“Self-Help” which seems to be a nifty title for the episode, saw Abraham display a vulnerable side to his followers. When the bus was ambushed by walkers, it left plenty of bloodshed and the group fractured. While the others wanted to turn back, Abraham was not willing to allow that to happen. This further led conflict with Maggie, Glenn, Eugene and Rosita.

The crew hid out in a bookstore of all places; that allowed Abraham and Rosita to get hot and heavy, just as Eugene watched from a distance! Yes indeed, that was the creepiest thing seen on the series to date. Just when you think the boundaries can’t be pushed further, just wait for it.

After a confrontation by Maggie, Eugene confessed he sabotaged the bus explosion; he feels worthless and admitted that he really isn’t a scientist. So this entire time this guy has been telling little white lies to ensure that he survives; can’t say I don’t blame him. In the game of survival he is at the top of the pack.

Just when the crew thought a fire truck was the answer to all of their prayers, they actually unleashed a troupe of walkers that were out for blood. Luckily, Eugene stepped up to the plate big time using the power of water to take out the walkers and save the group.

As the crew continued their journey to parts unknown, they ran into a major problem, as they discovered it was nearly impossible to get past the largest crowd of walkers to date. Abraham refused to allow the team to turn back or divert from the mission at hand. Pissed by everyone’s trepidation from moving forward, he decided to use Eugene as leverage. This led to the outburst that would change all. He lied! He can’t stop the invasion.

The crew was mystified by the revelation, as Eugene attempted to explain that he thought D.C. was the best place to ensure survival and he was willing to do anything to get there. This resulted in Abraham violently attacking Eugene. I swear for a moment I was certain Eugene was dead; that cracking sound when he hit the ground seemed to signify that, but it looks like he just took a punch he couldn’t handle.

In a troubling flashback, the audience learns that Abraham lost those close to him by walkers and was on the verge of taking his own life, when Eugene screamed for help.  After taking out a few walkers, Eugene convinced Abraham to not give up as he had a solution to the problem. In essence, he gave Abraham hope to live on, but now it’s all gone. So the group was on their way to save the world, but in a flash of a second everything changes. Will they go back or move forward?

Next week the audience gets a glimpse of just what happened with Daryl and Carol. We know Carol is now where Beth is being held, but we have no clue as to what led to that. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!

By LaDale Anderson