Why “The Voice” Continues To Win

The Voice

HOLLYWOOD—With the fall television season in full swing, there is so much to choose from when it comes to TV leisure time.  It appears the singing sensation is still at the top of many American’s list, but there is one show that continues to win and I must say I am greatly pleased to say so. “The Voice” is one of the most thrilling reality competition series on TV right now.  The concept original, the coaches amazing, the chemistry unheard of, these are just some of the reasons this reality hit is a must amongst fans.

“The X-Factor” is dead in the water; “American Idol” has to be revamped or it’s done. Neither of those shows in my opinion have the chemistry and unique concept that “The Voice” carries.  For starters, we have powerhouse coaches who are known for their talent and craft.

Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, all singers with unique personalities that should not mesh, yet they do so with little to no effort.  It never comes across forced and they deliver laughs every single episode.  As a spectator, you’re not sitting their wondering the credibility of the coach that is judging the singers or feeling awkward about their behavior.

Chemistry is a vital element in my opinion on any singing reality show; if powerhouse vocalists are to play mentor to contestants it sure better be some dynamic connections between those judges or that show is in big trouble.  Just look at last season of “American Idol” if you have any questions.  What “The Voice” has is a slew of contestants hitting the stage to sing their hearts out.  Yes, we sometimes get the sappy back story to make the audience sympathize with the person who is about to grace the judge. But who cares?

Do you wanna know what keeps us coming back?  It’s the suspense.  We have no idea how the coaches are going to respond upon turning their chair around to place a face to a voice.  I think that is a concept all Americans connect with; we want to be able to place a face with any voice to have some sort of validation.  We never quite know how many or if any coach is going to press their button to hope to get a singer to join their team.

Getting the coach to turn their chair around is just the beginning of the fun.  If more than one coach turns their chair around, than the contestant has to decide which coach they’d like to mentor them.  And it’s a treat to watch. They take jabs at one another, they convince the contestant of their stage abilities or voice capabilities, they make jokes; its great television! If you think the blind auditions are fun, wait until you get to the battle rounds where some epic competition takes place! Just seeing two contestants sing the same song and to make it their own is amazing to say the least; that’s before we even get to the part of the show where the contestants begin to perform live for America. I almost feel like the series could be even better if they choose to allow the coaches to make the final decision on who should win.

If there was one show, that I couldn’t help, but change channels back and forth to this week, it was “The Voice.”  I just had to know who was singing and if the coaches would select them to be on their team.  I love “The Voice” its perhaps one of my favorite competition shows to date because it’s so unpredictable; you never know what is going to happen. “The Voice” airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC at 8 p.m.

By LaDale Anderson