SAN FRANCISCO—BART is in talks with a vendor to provide Wi-Fi in the transit system’s 46 stations that will encompass all 775 new cars to reach circulation. The SF Gate reported, BART Chief Information Officer, Ravi Misra stated that BART hopes to finalize negotiations by this summer.

BART canceled a contract with another Wi-Fi provider following nearly five years of sub-par service. The cancelation came after complaints from city dwellers who depended on Wi-Fi service during their commute. There is limited cellular service currently within the BART system, but only exists within city limits and certain parameters of the city of Oakland.

Misra told the SF Gate that BART will first focus on the new fleet of commuter stations. After the stations, the company will unveil the new cars. Representatives estimate that the cars will enter the current stream of trolleys in a year to 18 months after the Wi-Fi deal is signed. BART estimates that the full order of new trolleys will reach the city of San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area by the end of 2022.