UNITED STATES—We’ve all heard it said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus but what does this really mean? It means that men and women don’t naturally think in the same ways. The gender divide is often felt when it comes to relationships.

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When you’ve got girlfriend, how do you keep them? In this article, we’ll discuss how to be a good boyfriend while sharing the top ten relationships tips for men.

  1. Validate Her Feelings

Many men struggle to deal with their partner’s feelings. This can lead to him making comments about his girlfriend’s feelings which invalidates them. This will no doubt end in girlfriend troubles.

If your girlfriend is upset by anything, you shouldn’t tell her that she is “wrong to be upset”, or that she is “being silly”. Instead, you should focus your attention on making her feel as though her feelings are valid. Try listening to what she has to say and respond in a manner that doesn’t invalidate her.

  1. Talk about Your Feelings

It’s not uncommon for men to bottle up their feelings. Talking about your feelings may not seem manly, or it may not be a skill that you have picked up in your life.

Ignoring your emotions can leave you emotionally unavailable and detached. Try and talk to your significant other about how you are feeling. Most women appreciate a man who can be open with their feelings.

  1. Be a Good Listener

Women like to know that they are being listened to and understood. Practice your skills as a listener and you’ll be rewarded with a great relationship.

Often, men will try to fix the problem rather than just listen to it. Resist the urge. Don’t tell her what to do or how to feel. Sometimes it’s best to just listen and to let her know that she has been heard.

  1. Work on Making Her Feel Special

Most women want to feel as though they are special in the eyes of their partner. Feeling special and wanted will help to keep your significant other happy in the relationship. For this reason, you should do everything in your power to help to make her feel special.

This means showing her that you think about her all of the time. It may mean buying her gifts, or it could be simple things such as texting her a sweet message a few times a day to let her know she’s on your mind.

  1. Don’t Take Her for Granted

All too often, a guy will take his girlfriend for granted. You may be inclined to think and act as though she will always be there, however, this may not be the case. Spend your time focusing on other aspects of life and stop making her a priority and you may well lose her.

Act as though the relationship is still new, even after a long time. Remember that you are lucky to have each other and your relationship will be a long and happy one.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Decisions

Women often love a decisive guy. For this reason, you should always be confident in your decision making. This means picking out where to eat or what movies to watch together. It also means being more decisive in matters regarding career and family.

Of course, it is possible that you could take this too far and start to override her feelings. Checking that your decisions suit her is important too.

  1. Romance Her

All the small things that you do for your partner will add up. Don’t be shy about buying small tokens of your love or making romantic gestures. Buy her flowers from time-to-time and take her on a romantic date. All of the efforts that you put in will make her happy in the relationship.

  1. Be Honest

From the very outset of your relationship, you should be completely honest about who you are and what you want. Don’t try and be someone that you’re not; it will never end well.

When signing up for Promenad, make sure your dating profile reflects exactly who you are as a person. Don’t exaggerate or lie to try and win someone over, they won’t be falling for the real you and ultimately, you’ll lose out.

  1. Treat Her with Respect

In everything that you do, you should always treat your partner with respect. You should see her as your equal. Make sure she knows that you respect her and that you value and trust her opinions on all matters.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Plan a Future Together

Although it may still be early days for your relationship, there is no harm in talking about your hopes and dreams for the future. Letting your girlfriend know that you’d want to live together, get married one day, or have children will let her know that you’re on the same page.

If you are afraid of commitment, this can be a big red flag to many women. While you may not be popping the question quite yet, it’s still important to let her know where you stand on major life events such as having children or getting married.

Relationships Tips for Men

Remember, always be honest with your girlfriend. Open up and learn to listen too. If you communicate effectively, you’ll have a long and happy relationship.

Now that you’ve read these great relationships tips for men, you’ll be better equipped for your next relationship.