SAN FRANCISCO—With an unprecedented 26.7 million viewers across the nation, this year’s Women’s World Cup Final was reported to be the most watched game in the U.S. history of television. The viewership of the 2015 World Cup surpassed the previous record of 26.5 million viewers set in the Germany versus Argentina, 2010 Men’s World Cup final.

An estimated 3,000 San Franciscans gathered outside of City Hall on July 5, to watch Team USA take on Japan in the Women’s World Cup final. The outdoor viewing party was a free event that took place in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza. It was co-sponsored by the non-profit organization, America Scores, as well as the city’s Recreation and Park Department. Some viewers arrived four hours early to secure a spot up-front in the viewing party. Fans were decorated with their country’s respective flags. The crowd of thousands consisted primarily of Team USA supporters who formed a spirited sea of red, white, and blue; with their faces painted, waving American flags in their hands, they focused intently on the screen.

Within the first 16 minutes of the match, uproars of excitement flooded the Civic Center Plaza as Team USA took on a 4-0 lead. When Team USA won, 5-2, an explosion of cheers overtook the plaza as San Franciscans rejoiced the team’s victory in claiming the World Cup title; a feat that hasn’t been seen since the 1999 Women’s World Cup.