UNITED STATES—Trying to determine your chances of winning big when betting on horses is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. Not like the ones you got when you were still a five-year-old baby, of course. It’s more like a puzzle made up of more than a thousand pieces that you spend too much time thinking about how to start and what pieces to pick up and insert.

Horse race betting does not only rely on picking an entry and taking a risk on them. Remember that this is gambling by nature, and it can go both ways. However, if you aim to win big, there’s always a way to do that. Forming a solid horse race betting strategy will not help you win consistently, but it brings out the best in you as a punter.

One of the horse race betting strategies you should learn is how to pick and handicap colts. Racing forms, horses’ achievements, and budget are easy to find, while taking a closer look at the racehorse’s real talents are quite challenging. To give you a better strategy for betting in horse racing games, here’s how you can handicap a successful racehorse.


Racehorses are not mainly the entities you see as a member of the farm. They undergo proper breeding, so the skills are passed on from the sire to its next generation. It is where you have to understand the horses’ pedigree, where it came from, the breeder, and how they were raised.

When you are a first-time bettor, understanding horse breeding is a bit of an advanced skill you should know. You have to trace their family tree and recognize their achievements. Although this demands time and effort, once you master this, your chance of bringing home the bacon at any horse race betting games are more attainable.


Horse racing is a competition of the fastest runners in the field. No matter what the circumstances look like, you should handicap and bet for a horse with the quickest rate to reach the finish line first. Not only that, but you must know how their speed can vary at the beginning of the race, the middle, and towards the end.

Nowadays, it’s easier to understand the talent of the horse because figures are accessible online. Most racing sites offer the exact speed figures of every racehorse so that you can compare and contrast. Lastly, a horse that can make variations of speed in different horse racing games he’s in to win the game is a horse you should consider betting on.

Fitness And Form

Aside from that horse’s ability, it would be best if you also looked into the horse’s overall fitness. Remember that big races require more than one-mile running distance to complete, and a horse should come into it with the right fit. Apart from that, races like the U.S. Triple Crown need the colts to sweep all the racing games in it, so their maintenance is key.

And while fitness is important, the form of the horse also needs a thorough checking and consideration at the same time. The legs, the face, the body should not look tired, and like other racehorses, they should have the same form. Lastly, the form refers to how the horse looks physically and their previous achievements. Looking at both will help you identify if they’re a good choice to bet on or not.

Race Conditions

Like player varsities, horses need to enter the right race conditions to end up with a successful career. Many horse racing competitions are happening worldwide, and a racehorse should choose which competition to participate in. Although it’s up to his trainer what racing games they’re allowed to contend in, competing in a race where a horse can showcase its best is highly recommended.

As a bettor, you have to realize that horse racing doesn’t happen only on dirt tracks. Sprint, Turf, or even Jump races are other forms of this game. You have to familiarize yourself with the rules and nature of these events to land with the right entry to wager on.


The last thing to remember when handicapping a winning horse is to observe his connection. Horses do not train themselves. Professional trainers guide them so they can show the right speed variation. When the horse listens carefully and understands the trainer’s commands, he’s more likely a good choice to bet on.

Apart from the trainer, jockeys ride them on race day. They are the ones who control the horses as the competition starts to instruct them on the right speed. Ensure that your entry has a good sound connection to their jockey for a better bet.


Handicapping a winning racehorse at any given tournament is quite difficult and time-consuming. However, this is the only way you can win the massive betting games that horse racing brings. Hence, the next time you choose a racehorse to bet on, apply the tips outlined above for a more profitable game.