UNITED STATES—Going to college after high school is a natural progression for many students. However, it comes with a big financial commitment that may put off some potential students. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons to embark on further education, from career stability to creating a network of lifelong friends. We look at six good reasons why you should go to college.

Experience Independence

At college, you’ll experience a level of academic and personal independence that you just don’t get at high school. You’ll be expected to manage your work, your time, your course load, your budget, and look after your health too. However, you won’t be expected to do this entirely alone. There are many organizations and programs to support you with both your studies and your personal life.

Create Long Lasting Friendships and Professional Connections

During your time at college, you’re going to meet a lot of people. As you negotiate your way through college life, you’ll connect with other students in your classes, members of clubs and student organizations, tutors, professors, mentors, advisors, and all sorts of others. Some of these connections will be short lived while others will last for much longer. It’s just all part of networking. And networking is important as it can help with future job and career prospects, protect your mental health through established connections, and provide opportunities for personal improvement. Plus, some of these people will become lifelong friends who you can call on at a moment’s notice.

Achieve Financial Responsibility

College is the perfect time to take on responsibility for your finances. You’ll need to understand how to manage a budget and how to make sure that you get the financial help that you’re entitled to as a student. This may include applying for student loans or credit cards. You may also consider using Going Merry scholarships for college as a way of financial help. By building a profile, you can be matched with available scholarships and grants and apply directly through the platform.

Expand Your Potential Earnings

College graduates are more likely to become financially stable than those without a college degree. Plus, you’re more likely to command a higher salary when you have a college degree.

Learn Valuable Skills

You’ll learn how to become a good student at college. But you’ll also learn much more than that. You’ll get to grips with a range of skills that will help you to succeed in the wider world such as collaboration, teamwork and speaking in public to name a few.

Explore Different Career Options

Attending college provides so many opportunities to explore a whole range of new interests. Not only is there a massive choice of courses to choose from, but you’ll find a whole range of extra-curricular activities and sports to try. You can take classes that aren’t directly linked to your major. In fact, in some colleges, you’ll be encouraged to take a diverse selection of courses. Even if you decide to pursue a career that’s not related to your degree after graduation, you’ll find that many employers will look more favorably on college graduates.