UNITED STATES—Valentine’s Day is here, a time to express affection for those most important in your life.  For parents, that will always mean their children – and what better way is there to show love for the little ones in your life than giving them the gift of imagination and creativity.  That’s why the popular If Not You, Then Who? book series makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for growing children as each fun and enchanting book introduce them to the fascinating world of invention.

Co-authored by the husband-and-wife team David and Emberli Pridham, the If Not You, Then Who? book series offers five extraordinary titles, all designed to charge the creativity and imagination of kids through the inspiring innovations of history’s most prolific inventors – and the colorful stories of a family that loves inventing together.

Brooke and Noah Fairley are siblings who share a desire to enhance the lives of their friends, family and community through innovation.  Volume 1 of the book series, The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas, introduces Brooke Fairley, an inquisitive girl with a passion for inventing.  Inspired by her grandfather and their mutual delight in how inventions come to be discovered, Brooke looks for ways to improve the world around her.  Volume 2 is Noah’s Treehouse, where Noah, his Dad and Grandpa race to build their dream treehouse through invention and innovation before an expected meteor shower arrives.  Let the Games Begin! Is Volume 3 of the book series and spotlights siblings Brooke, Noah and Baby Graham as they use their creativity to invent their own game and in the process discover the many inventions that help make sports safe and fun for everyone. The fourth If Not You, Then Who? installment is Going Green, a book where the environment takes center stage as Noah and Brooke enter a school science fair – and are inspired by all of the finalists’ pro-environmental ideas such as a rain capture device for watering their garden and solar panels as a safe energy alternative.

As children read the If Not You books, they will discover why inventions are born – to fulfill a need we all have – and how inventions are realized – through dedication and teamwork. The adventures of Brooke and Noah reveal ways in which children can embark on a journey of invention of their own – and work to help build a better world.

To further expand the world of invention for readers is the all-new If Not You, Then Who? Young Inventors Club.  Open to every family, the Young Inventors Club empowers children to explore how inventions are made and how you they create inventions of their own.  The Club also spotlights the great inventors throughout history – and introduces kids to many of today’s most acclaimed inventors.  Members will also get the chance to win prizes by entering any of the Club’s many contests and enjoy a variety of downloadable fun and games.  By joining the If Not You, Then Who? children will discover a world of innovation that will inspire them for years to come.

For further information on the If Not You, Then Who? Young Inventors Club and to sign your child up (it’s free!), visit Inventor’s Club | Empowering Young Inventors Everywhere (theyounginventorsclub.com).

To learn more about the If Not You, Then Who? book series and bring the books home visit www.ifnotyoubooks.com.