UNITED STATES—Following the stresses of the past couple of years, the realization that summer is here is one that most of us will welcome. Now is the time for couples everywhere to get away from it all for a while with a romantic break.

If recent events have taught us anything, it is surely that we need to put together that bucket list of places we have always wanted to go and start making it happen as soon as possible. But what if your ideal trip involves adventure as well as romantic time together?

With a little careful vacation preparation there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a couples’ holiday that combines those elements. The first step in that is finding the right place to go.


This country is hardly one of the first places that people think of as a holiday destination, but that makes it ideal for the adventurous. It offers fascinating cultural and historical attractions, intriguing eating and drinking and sandy beaches to laze on to your heart’s content.

Croatia is set in the Adriatic Sea and, as well as coastal regions like Dalmatia – where the average number of sunny days per year is 250 – there are also numerous little islands off its coast. Almost all of these have something that is worth exploring during a visit.

That means there is really only one way to do a Croatia holiday and that is by boat. This might sound like something that would be beyond your bank balance, but that is not true.

These days a holiday boat hire is affordable for most people. Browse online charter companies like Borrow a Boat and you are sure to find a package to suit you.

It will be well worth the time as, with a catamaran charter to various Croatian islands, you will be able to move between them and the coast as you please. That will make for a far more fulfilling adventure than being tied to one area.

Dalmatia should be your starting point though and it incorporates most of the islands, plus coastal cities like Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Zadar is home to some of the country’s most beautiful ancient Roman buildings and ruins, mainly within the Old Town district that is by the harbor.

Enjoy the beautiful mix of city and coast when sailing around Croatia

It will be fun to dock and go ashore to escape the modern world together for a while by wandering through the glories of Croatia’s history. If you want to learn more about what you are looking at, the Archaeological Museum of Zadar and its Roman Forum will be the places to visit.

The country is not short of scenic spots though, with Istria being internationally recognized for its colorful flowers, azure blue waters, and pale stone cliff tops. The good thing about sailing is that you can take these in at leisure, before drifting lazily over to Navigrad to spend some time sunbathing together on its flawless beaches or catching some fish in the sea at Rovinj.

Rovinj also has more exotic marine life that you stand a much better chance of seeing by boat. Scuba diving will let you swim amidst dolphins, sea horses, turtles, and octopi.

The chances are that you will also want to enjoy romantic dinners while you are in Croatia. Seafood is central to the diet here, while Malvazija and Dignac are the local wines to drink with it.

The British Virgin Islands

Another trip that will offer adventure is the British Virgin Islands. This overseas UK territory consists of four large islands – Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Tortola – plus around 50 further small ones, many of which are completely uninhabited.

Once again, by far the best option is to charter a vessel from Borrow a Boat. That will give you the privacy you need for romance, while also providing the professional crew to help you.

It is certainly an advantage to be mobile, because the larger islands offer everything from scenery and sunbathing to lively, exciting nightlife. By contrast, the smaller ones are places where you can escape from everyone apart from each other.

When it comes to the former, a night in the CocoMayo restaurant on Tortola will get both of you in the mood for love. It has a bar out in the open, so you can enjoy drinks in the warm evening air while gazing out over the golden sands, deep blue sea and glittering stars.

Should a proposal be part of your plans, there will no finer place for it than here.

You can kick things up a notch by sailing to the smaller Peter Island where you will find the Willy T. This vibrant nightspot is the place to dance all night with your sweetheart and a readily available supply of liquor to fuel the fun.

Sailing will mean that you don’t have to stay on any of the islands for the whole holiday though; you can experience adventure on the ocean too.

The crystal-clear waters are home to whales, dolphins and tropical fish. Snorkeling or scuba diving there is both thrilling and soothing.

Vacationing on a boat in Croatia or the British Virgin Islands is the ideal exciting romantic getaway. It will let you soak up all the nightlife and natural beauty in privacy and at your own pace, moving from place to place in search of new adventures.