UNITED STATES—Current news headlines bring to attention an important tip for families – we must all be prepared for unforeseen events, particularly when it comes time to stocking up on emergency food.  The majority of Americans are not prepared with any type of emergency plan or food storage should emergency or disaster situations arise – and San Francisco residents are always on guard for earthquakes and fires.

Augason Farms is the pioneering leader in the emergency preparedness food category, celebrating its 50th anniversary as the country’s go-to resource for the widest range of preparedness solutions for purchase and immediate delivery. Not only is Augason Farms the pioneers in the survival food business, the company sources, formulates and produces the most nutritious emergency foods on the market. The company is committed to serving as the top source for foods that not only taste great, but also provide the calories and proteins your body needs to run at maximum efficiency.

Founded in 1972 by Phil Augason, Augason Farms delivers the highest possible quality food storage products within the emergency preparedness category, as company President Mark Augason remains steadfast in his commitment to carry on his father’s legacy of excellence, variety, convenience and service.  As a result, Augason Farms ranks as a major supplier of preparedness food with over 300 products manufactured and sold nationwide.

“Augason Farms commitment to quality and taste has motivated us to design and operate the most cutting-edge production facility in the emergency food business. Our specially engineered product bags are made to keep our products safe, tasty and nutritious to eat for up to 25 years. This commitment has earned us certifications from the FDA, QSA and GMP. When you choose Augason Farms, you know you’re buying from the best,” says Mark Augason.

Augason Farms prepares all meals in their own Salt Lake City-based manufacturing facility and delivers them in easy-to-stack water-tight buckets with handles for long-term storage, allowing the company’s extensive line of healthy and satisfying meals to remain fresh for up to 25 years.

Preparing Augason Food Wise meals is easy and straightforward — simply add water to the meal and you’re ready to go.

New to Augason Farms – and an ideal choice for Bay Area families – is the company’s innovative Ready Pouches, prep-in-pouch meals that require no cooking or heating, offer great taste, and provide government-recommended daily requirement for calories and protein.  The Ready Pouches come in three packs – Ready Now™, Be Ready ™ and Ready Plus™.  Ready Now™ comes in three delicious flavors, while Be Ready™ offers great-tasting meals for one person and Ready Plus™ expands food variety for choosey eaters.  Each of the three Augason Farms Ready Pouches are lighter for portability, flexible for small spaces, and offer the best value on the market.

With a customer satisfaction ranking on Google Review of 4.5 stars, Augason Farms products are available at many of the country’s most prominent and trusted national retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Associated Foods and WinCo, just to name a few. Augason Farms customer service agents are available online at www.augasonfarms.com weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time at 800-878-0099, ready to provide any additional product information or assist customers with the most convenient sources for Augason Farms products.

“Life is oftentimes unpredictable, and while you can’t prevent or avoid unexpected events – you can prepare for them.  Our mission is to ensure that our high-quality preparedness solutions are available to families as quickly as possible,” adds Augason.