UNITED STATES—If you’re looking for the best assisted living facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re in the right place. There are all kinds of options to choose from in San Francisco, but it can be tricky to figure out which facilities are really top-notch, and which are just average. You have to consider all their different offerings and features, which is a tall order if you’re doing it on your own. The good news is, there are plenty of online resources to help you out, like Seniorly’s list of assisted living homes in the Bay. These will let you make a detailed side-by-side comparison of whichever facilities catch your eye, and help you drill down into the specific offerings of each option.

Factors to consider when looking at assisted living facilities

When doing your initial research into potential facilities, it’s best to look at a couple of different factors. First, make sure they’re all highly recommended by current residents and their families. Second, they should be more or less within your preferred budget.

Then, decide which features are most important to you. For example, location will have a lot to do with residents’ overall experiences. Do you want a facility that’s close to family or friends, or one with nearby hospitals? If it’s in a less urbanized area, there could be opportunities like gardening or nature walks; if it’s near the city center, there will be more diverse activities available.

Amenities are also an important consideration, since they have a big impact on residents’ quality of life. Even the most basic assisted living facilities have weekly planned activities, common rooms for hobbies or games, etc. Then there are the more luxurious facilities that could offer things like Olympic-sized swimming pools, fully equipped fitness centers, restaurants, bars, and more.

If a loved one will need specialized care, that should also be a consideration. Many facilities offer things like memory care for dementia patients, or have on-site doctors and nurses who can provide non-emergency medical treatment. Keep in mind that although assisted living usually isn’t covered by insurance, some medical treatments are.

Best assisted living facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area

This area is home to many assisted living facilities; these are some of the top picks.

  • Coterie Cathedral Hill

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Coterie Cathedral Hill gives its residents an upscale living experience with trained caregivers and plenty of amenities. Services include memory care, medication management, and assistance with daily activities. There are multiple residence options as well; choose from studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments. Regardless of size, they offer fully equipped kitchens, walk-in showers, and tall windows that let in an abundance of natural light. There are also linen services, weekly housekeeping, and five different on-site dining options. Other highlights include a rooftop terrace with a grill area, pool, and stunning views; an on-site salon; fitness classes; and a library.

  • Sagebrook Senior Living at San Francisco

This facility is known for the wide range of care services that are offered. These include 24-hour supervision, transfers, dressing, bathing, assistance with daily activities, medication management, and same-day assessments. There are also more advanced services available, including acceptance of hospice patients, dementia waivers, hospice waivers, diabetes care, transportation to medical appointments, and 12-16 hour nursing. Sagebrook Senior Living at San Francisco is perfect for residents with dietary restrictions (such as people who require diabetes-appropriate diets). Wellness isn’t just about medical care at this facility, though; they offer things like fitness programs, planned day trips, concierge services, and resident-run activities.

  • Buena Vista Manor House

Even though it’s one of the more affordable assisted living options in San Francisco, Buena Vista Manor House provides a wide variety of services for its residents. There’s support for the mildly cognitively impaired, memory care, and a mental wellness program. Residents can arrange for transportation to and from medical appointments, and participate in scheduled daily activities. There are also concierge services, fitness programs, move-in coordination, and community-sponsored activities. If anyone wants to take advantage of local amenities, there are nearby pharmacies, places of worship, and restaurants.

  • The Ivy at Golden Gate

This large, welcoming assisted living community offers medical services and comprehensive care, ensuring that each resident gets tailored support. Services include a specialized rehabilitation program, physical therapy, 12-16 hour nursing, and transportation to medical appointments. Staff will also coordinate with healthcare providers, provide respite care for shorter-term stays, and provide dedicated care programs for those with dementia or Parkinson’s. There are plenty of non-care services too, such as scheduled daily activities, linen and housekeeping services, continuing learning programs, and a concierge service.

  • Peninsula Del Rey

Located in Daly City, California, Peninsula Del Rey has both independent and assisted living options. Residents can take advantage of the facility’s many care and medical services, including coordination with healthcare providers, mental wellness programs, and 12-16 hour nursing. They can also get help with daily activities like transfers, dressing, and bathing, medication management, and a hospice waiver. If needed, the facility will provide a 24-hour call system, diabetes diet management or other special dietary restrictions, or 24-hour supervision.

  • Cardinal Point

Residents of Cardinal Point (located in Alameda, California) enjoy a variety of care services in the community’s supportive environment. These services include assistance with daily activities, medication management, coordination with healthcare providers, and transportation to medical appointments. There are also hospice and dementia waivers available. Non-care services contribute to a more fulfilling life for residents; these include planned day trips, resident-run activities, community-sponsored activities, fitness programs, and transportation for non-medical reasons. Whenever residents want to explore the surrounding area, they can visit nearby restaurants and cafés, or attend local places of worship.

The takeaway

Anyone who’s looking for an assisted living facility in the San Francisco Bay Area will have plenty to choose from. The top-rated facilities have a wide range of amenities, and a strong focus on high standards of care. No matter what you’re looking for in an assisted living facility, you’re sure to find it.