HOLLYWOOD—Oh baby, let’s talk about the first week in the “Big Brother 25” house. We might have a really good season and crop of players if the producers don’t get in their own way with tons of twists being thrown into the game. First up, I was NOT a fan of people being nominated for eviction because they lost a competition. We should have just had an HOH competition. Let it be fair across the board and force the HOH to get blood on their hands, don’t give them an advantage, by NOT having to nominate someone.

With that said, Felicia, Jared, Kirsten and Cory found themselves on the block, but there’s a twist: the HOH gets to remove 2 people from the block. So instead of a nomination ceremony, we have an un-nomination ceremony? Ok, this whole multi-verse crap is annoying me a bit already, and I fear it will ONLY get worse with 100 days this season. I digress as our new HOH was Reilly, the bartender from Nashville who was immediately bonding with Jag. That is her #1, but the problem is plenty of people are clocking it, and I don’t think Reilly realizes she gives up more information than she receives. That is the wrong tactic as an HOH.

Gosh, did anyone not watch BB2 or BB7 and listen to Dr. Will. That HOH room is a gift and curse because if you’re perceptive you know who is up there and who’s probably aligned and strategizing. You don’t want people clocking alliances. More on that later.

With that said, Kirsten started the game in a good spot, but soon found herself in massive trouble because she was messy. It wasn’t that she was doing too much; it was how she went about doing it. She started a 5-person alliance that fizzled within hours of being started. She was included in another alliance full of Black power (Cirie, Felicia and Mecole), but her chatting got her in trouble with that.

Playing the game is important, but how you go about it when you’re already on the block is vital. Something tells me Kirsten didn’t watch BB before joining. Her paranoia was getting the best of her and she started to spiral throughout the house placing a massive target on her back. If you’re on the block already, you don’t want to give people a reason to vote you out, especially in week 1, when everyone is still trying to get to know one another. Kirsten was making huge waves, as did Cory.

The difference for Cory is the fact that he suffered that approach BB really needs to stop doing, isolating a single houseguest amongst everyone else in the first night. Everyone started to speculate, Cory may have returned to the game with a power, which is quite possible because Cory hasn’t been able to ‘discuss’ what actually occurred. Why does BB place targets on people immediately before they start the game and expect them to dig out of it? All we know in the netherworld was that a warning was issued it would be bad for one houseguest? Hmm, what does that mean?

Cory, however, is a character who knows the game and worked quite diligently to get HOH Reilly to not leave him on the block. The buzz around the house was to get Cory out in case Kirsten won the POV, guess what? Cory found a way to wiggle his way out of the firing squad. It was quite an impressive strategy, which led to Reilly leaving Kirsten and Felicia on the block, and Kirsten not being a fan of Reilly, and that is not good. Why? Rumors are circulating a potential 18th houseguest and if that holds true, it could shake the game even more.

Reilly, Jag and Blue cemented their three-person alliance, but they’re looking to get an 8. Jag is fantastic casting. This guy is strategic and I like him. Considering, we have a potential split house, first time I can recall in a ton of seasons with such chaos. I love a split house because we don’t have a steamroll people. So we have Family Style (Reilly, Jag, Blue, Cameron, Matt, Jared, Cory and America) alliance, and the other side The Professors (Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Izzy, Hisam, Red and Bowie). With Luke and Kirsten on the outs, Luke seems almost invisible on the feeds, as is Bowie and America. But Luke woke up late this week and everyone was vying for his loyalty, but he’s not gaming and it all fizzled. A Luke HOH would be wild because I have no idea who he’d nominate or even target.

Perhaps America will be shown more on the episodes, but feeds wise she is absent and I’m like where the hell are you at and what are you doing? The same with Luke; get in the game! So we’re looking at two facets of the house, with Jag at the core on one side and Cirie on the other side. I like this. Reilly has loose lips and is way too trusting, and Blue is talking too much. Hate to say it, I want to see Cirie and Jag align; damn those two on the same side would be absolutely destructive in this game. Jared is a double agent feeding information to his mother who is aware of the other side, and there is a lure to bring more people over including Cory who is a massive fan of Cirie. Yeah, if you didn’t know the “Survivor” titan is in the game, and not many people are aware of how socially good she is when it comes to strategy. Hello, did you watch “The Traitors”? Her diary room confessionals are everything and so much more.

With that noted, it seems Cameron is thinking he is the king of the castle and is rubbing quite a few people the wrong way including Hisam, who won the POV and didn’t use it leaving Kirsten and Felicia on the block, with it all but given Kirsten will be the first boot. Cameron was awkward night one in the game. He gets invited to an alliance courtesy of Jag, Blue and Reilly and all of a sudden, he thinks he’s some great power player. Hmm, maybe those ill-fitted thoughts Izzy initially had about him might be true. The feeds were glorious Monday night and Cameron just wow, wow, wow, wow, the target he placed on Reilly with his unfounded theories was beyond bonkers.

Yeah, it is safe to safe Cameron is a target for BOTH SIDES of the house, and as Mecole noted, these players are crazy because if the whole house is in an alliance, how the hell are you going to target anyone. Everyone is jumping ship from one alliance to align with another alliance. I fear a twist in the game (which is damn likely) will force the house which is constantly shifting to return back to its old roots, which I don’t love.

Izzy is a wild one, damn that girl just comes up with the craziest ideas that is causing Jared and Cirie to be on edge. The best tactic those two can do is take her out during a double eviction. You cannot leave the chance of her being on the block all week and not spilling the relationship between mother and son.

Julie Chen did say an eviction was happening on Thursday, but I wonder with what transpired with Luke Valentine who was ejected from the game after saying the ‘N-word’ on the live feeds. Yeah, that happened, the news spread like a wildfire on the internet on Wednesday and this changes everything. Will there be an eviction now? I don’t know, but it looks like Kirsten might get a second life in the game and this will ignite another fire in this already twisted house. Things were fun week 1, but can become even more chaotic for week 2 if a new twist comes into play, and BB fans know, “Big Brother” loves a twist!