HOLLYWOOD—Man, if you thought week 3 in the “Big Brother 25” house was chaotic, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We saw Hisam get the boot during Thursday’s live eviction, then fans got the long-awaited Pressure Cooker competition back after nearly 19 seasons and that is just the beginning of the chaos. Did the Pressure Cooker deliver? Absolutely. Was it as intense as BB6, nope, Hisam being in the house would have made that happen. Oh, and I didn’t even talk about the twist that has been unleashed in the game.

This was the Pressure Cooker amplified. For starters, way more people were competing and it was in total darkness. I loved that twist, I would have liked for the show to unleash a bit more chaos into the Pressure Cooker though. The snakes that were locked away would have been more threatening if they were actually slithering around the room. Something that was amazing about this competition it last nearly just as long as BB6 and it was glorious to watch on the feeds. I feel sorry for the casuals who have no idea what they’re missing, because the feeds are delivering this season.

I want to point out something: I’m out on Jared Fields. He’s not that entertaining, his mother, Cirie, she’s entertaining and she was tested this week because power shifted in a major way, but the person with that power has his pulse on the button, but is not pressing it. Jared was the first one out of the company, soon followed by his mother Cirie. They had to wait for a third person to let go before they could exit the PC. That person ended up being Izzy.

Oh, this was glorious, because those three went on a paranoid frenzy and I loved every minute of it. I’m sorry I can’t stand Izzy, she is so cracked to the point she annoys the hell out of me. She is so glued to Cirie’s ass she wouldn’t know what to do if the woman left the game. The mere fact that she could be placed on the block had her unraveling to the fans surprise.

The cast of BB25 came to play and they proved that with the PC. Bowie, Matt then Red were the next 3 to drop after nearly 8 hours of holding that button. Red and Bowie got interesting surprises with the envelope they opened, Matt unleashed dead flies. Oh, he also had to pee really bad. After those three entered the house, it was even more apparent Felicia (she’s grinding my nerves for someone who is 63). She talks so much crap about everyone in the house; it comes across a bit pretentious and annoying and I need my pound of flesh when it comes to her.

Felicia, Izzy, Jared and Cirie were not happy that Cameron was still in the comp, guess what, he was just on the block 2 weeks in a row and was nearly blindsided both times with the constant vote flipping. Cory, Blue and Jag were out next clocking in a little over 10 to 11 hours holding that button. And the spiral of Cory’s game began to unravel, as those ‘in his alliance’ wondered if Cory was playing them. The paranoia on Izzy, Cirie and Felicia is unreached; throw in Jared and it gets worse people.

So we have our final three of Mecole ‘Meme,’ America and Cameron. I’ll be honest I was rooting for Meme or America, but I wasn’t upset with Cameron winning either. Why? A Cameron win means a house spiral which is exactly what we got because after close to 14 hours, Cameron is our new HOH and oh, what a week. Izzy was s***** bricks, Cirie was worried and so was Felicia. They should be, because Cameron knows where the power in the house lies, but he’s so bad at the game he didn’t want to make a move. You have POWER NOW, MAKE THE MOVE WHILE YOU CAN! It doesn’t help that his tightest ally Red, spilled the tea to Cameron, who still didn’t make a move knowing people were NOT HAPPY WITH HIM WINNING HOH.

My mind is so flustered right now America, and I’m not talking about the houseguest. People without power, don’t know how to utilize the power and it’s made worse when they have the right intuition, but refuse to tap into it. Izzy was forced to kiss ass to the one person she dislikes the most in the house and I was in absolute stitches watching it. Oh, how the tide turns. However, Jag what the hell are you doing? You could easily sell out this other alliance that is absolutely fake: the seven deadly sins, but for reasons I cannot fathom, he refused.

Cameron says, Jag and Blue you’re going up, both neither fight against it, use the DAMN INFORMATION IN YOUR POSSESSION YOU IDIOTS! Cameron has been talking weeks about taking a shot at Cirie, Izzy and Felicia. Cameron, Felicia put you up, return the favor! Nope. Cam didn’t want to rock the boat and nominated Jag and Blue, but the Power of Veto would be key. If Jag wins, he likely stays and Blue goes out or perhaps someone else?

No worries because the chaos continues as Red wins the POV and virtually spills his guts to Cirie about Cameron creating an army to target her and others. No I’m not making this up; the people in this house are messy, very damn messy. Cirie is utilizing this information in her back pocket where everyone is treating this woman like a God, and they should be targeting her! Saturday feeds were glorious as Cory and America’s game took a massive tumble, Cory in particular because America refuses to listen to Cory: Jag is not to be trusted. America was trying to hint to Jag not to trust Izzy to use the POV on him if he choose her (FYI she wasn’t going to), and Jag is not that smart of a player.

She shared a bit much and it got back to Izzy, then Cirie and he’s been exposed. Cory is moving higher and higher on the target list then he expects, so the Power of Invincibility he is going to need. Yes, BB loves a twist and we get to vote for our top 4 players to compete for a secret prize. I know Cirie will be one, I have to expect Cory will get an opportunity and I’m hoping for America and maybe Matt, but being honest, I really don’t want Matt to compete, I’d love someone random like MeMe to be up for the power. That didn’t happen because Matt, Jag, Cory and Cirie were the top four. The question remains who won the power, and I swear I hope not Cirie or Matt because that gives that side so much power, and if someone who wants to make a move wins HOH and puts up Cirie, guess what she could cancel the eviction, which I’m starting to understand Chima’s meltdown in BB11. Twists tend to impact the game in the worst way giving the opposition and even higher hill to climb.

Cory is going to need this, I mean absolutely need this as it can be used to cancel one of the next two evictions, which means, once this power expires, we absolutely have a Double Eviction coming on September 14, as that will leave us with 11 people if 2 evictions do occur, 12 if only 1 eviction occurs meaning someone on that Double Eviction is very likely not making jury. Could you imagine the look on Cirie and company’s face if they think they’ve got Cory and he whips out that power? Oh, it would be glorious TV that I just want to see happen so badly because it will be a line drawn in the sand and we’ll know EXACTLY where the house stands.

Matt has a dislike for America that I am not understanding, and Izzy is continuing to rub people the wrong way, Bowie is now on that list. Oh, I would kill for Bowie to win HOH because there is no telling what she would do and I would love to see people who have discarded this woman have to kiss her ass. A Bowie HOH could be a game changer I think.

Granted people most of the chaos I’m disclosing happened early in the week, but it continued throughout the week and the biggest was Jared. He is not playing BB, he’s playing how fast can I get into someone’s pants and it happened Saturday night as Blue and Jared did the deed on the lounge couch upstairs. Ugh. That is not the worst; he spilled his secret to Blue?! Jared you just met this woman 20 something days ago. You’re playing for $750,000, how do you think Cirie will feel upon learning this! Blue think Felicia is Jared mom, oh, this is about to be so got damn messy, you cannot make this up.

While this is happening, Matt, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia are all planning to blindside the house by giving Blue the boot, but I don’t think Jared is going to be ok with that move, but it would be good because Cory would realize he’s on the bottom and he can out Cirie and company and totally rock the house to the core. Yeah, it’s starting to look like the underdogs will be Cory, America, Red, Bowie and Cameron, and I never expected it, but I’m all for it. As for Jared, he’s no BB player, and if he votes out Blue after what he did this weekend, oh, his ranking on Jokers Update is rock bottom, something I don’t think he ever expected.

Cue Monday cause there was chaos as Jared learned his mother wanted Blue out, and he might be the deciding vote. He was not happy pushed against it, warned Cory he was in trouble, but he dismissed it. His focus on America is totally tanking his game in a massive way. Cory wake up, you are no longer in the core, you’re massively on the outs buddy. Izzy is giving you nothing, she is annoying Bowie, Cameron and Red, who I think will put her up if they get HOH again.

Felicia spilled too much to Jared which got back to Cirie and the infighting in the inner alliance is starting to explode, we just need the right person to win HOH to make the move. The only person I can see making that happen this season is America, and I’m referring to the houseguest this time around. This upcoming HOH will be crucial and I think we’re FINALLY getting a quiz so that should be fun, maybe knockout?