HOLLYWOOD—Jared Fields, oh, the reckoning you will have when you come out of the “Big Brother 25” house. Jared is NOT Cirie Fields in any capacity. He comes across sexist, misogynist, and just a complete asshole. I cannot wait to see this guy get the boot from the house. We did get a surprise, as that mysterious power, The Power of Invincibility actually came into play as Jag who was evicted unanimously on Thursday, was saved when Matt, yes, Matt of all people used the power to save his ally. But who needs allies in this house when no one is reliable.

Jag was blindsided twice, not just by being evicted, but by being saved. My question is WHY would Cirie encourage Matt to use that power, when they could have just saved him to begin with? That means, Matt would be able to use the power to save himself or someone he truly wanted to save when needed. Glad the power is out, but I was baffled, I mean baffled with the gameplay from multiple people this week.

Jag was informed by Matt hours before the eviction that he was using the power to save him. So Jag wasn’t actually blindsided, follow that by Cirie telling Jared, and Jared’s idiot ass warning Jag, WHO ALREADY KNEW HE WAS SAFE, that a power might save him. Jag wakes up and realizes that Matt ONLY told him and Cirie, he didn’t leak the info to Jared, which means Cirie did! Jag you’ve figured it out you cannot trust Cirie, NOW USE THAT TO PLAY THE GAME. Nope.

Why? Cirie scolded Jared for his dumb mishap. Yes, America (not the player), Jared is not a strategic player. He is NOT his mother in any fashion. So Jag woke up, but went back to sleep, but what about the rest of the house. Well, we got the Knock-Out Head of Household as expected, but it was a boring mess. Look, we need more QUESTION HOHs and they need to be live on Thursdays. I’m sick of having to wait till Sunday to find out what unfolded. Long-story short, Jared was given the HOH. Cameron threw it (quite stupid), Cirie threw it and Izzy screwed up. So Jared puffing his chest in the diary room was a complete façade.

Cameron and Red, please open your eyes. If you’re in Legend 25, and Jared is part of that alliance and he puts you on the block that should tell you everything you need to know; you’re not aligned with him. Cameron sold Red out, Red learned about it and a fracture in this duos alliance has erupted. Perhaps more from things behind the scenes then we know. Kudos to “Rob Has a Podcast” Live Feed correspondent Taran Armstrong for breaking down the details revealing that it might have way more to do with Cameron and Red’s chatter about America and how they view her.

Red is waking up to Cameron’s antics, and so is the rest of the house. However, that was not the firestorm. It was Saturday that exploded things. Don’t ask me why Saturdays continue to be chaotic each week in the BB25 home. Jared was not pleased with the POV players which included Matt, Felicia and America. He warned Cory if America threw the comp she would hit the block. Jared is very reckless in his talk and he called America the R-word (a slur) and Cory immediately called him out on it.

Now, will we see this fight on TV? My guess is no, because production loves to hide things until they can’t. They already had a debacle with Luke and now another with Jared; I don’t think they want that. Not to mention it would force them to edit Jared in a bad light, which would hurt the relationship the network has with “Survivor” titan Cirie Fields. Cirie coming on BB25 is great, her son, not so much and once out of the house both will see that.

I appreciate Cory because as a fan of the game he knows bad optics and bad actions and he calls it out without being apologetic about it. Wrong is wrong, and Jared was very wrong, but it only got worse. America has alluded to inappropriate comments by Cameron that has made her uncomfortable. Cory is aware, it feels like the entire house is, but no one has called Cameron out on it, and it needs to be done. Look, sexual harassment is no joke and production seems to be cutting some the conversations that keep unfolding about this issue.

It blew up Saturday, as Cameron, the one person Jared was scared to win the POV, claimed victory and was no safe. Cirie was hoping to Erik him via “Survivor,” but Cameron is a fan of BB so he knows better. This meant Jared really wanted America on the block as a potential target. America and Jared had a war of words where he spoke at her with such disrespect my blood was boiling. Not to mention Blue being a complete idiot in the conversation. Why is Blue there? She is a waste of a contestant. I totally wish Reilly or Hisam or even Kirsten for that matter were still in the house.

America was near tears in the conversation as it was apparent the house seemed to think she warranted the actions of Cameron (she did not) and its unacceptable people, very unacceptable and I’m over it. Now is the toxicity to the level of BB15, BB19, BB21, BB22, BB24, no, but bad behavior is bad behavior and it needs to be called out people.

The chaos only continued as Cory tried to ensure his showmance and ally did not hit the block as the game of who to replace as a nominee was a mess. Bowie, Jag, Matt and America were all considered replacements, the key is whoever was sitting next to Red was very likely to get the boot. Bowie is non-existent, Matt would be a juicy target if you ask me, America as well, and Jag, well he just came back into the house.

So explain this to me, Cirie and company want to send Jag packing again after she just convinced Matt to use the power to save him. Make that make sense! And the argument is he lied about using the power on himself. He knows MATT HAD THE FREAKING POWER AND USED IT ON HIM! If Jag being nominated doesn’t raise a red flag to Matt, Blue, Cameron, Red and Bowie I don’t know what to say. Matt absolutely should be livid with this move and realize Cirie, Jared, Izzy and Felicia cannot be trusted, however, Matt doesn’t seem to care.

I am over Felicia that woman is a nasty soul and I cannot wait to see her touch the block again because she might get the boot, as members in her alliance are over her loose lips and dropping of information. Jag got named as the replacement at the POV meeting and if anything it was a sign for him to wake up, stop talking and start spilling information to weaken the games of others. Hell, if you’re going to go out, go out with a massive bang. This season is starting to feel like Cirie’s mist. I have echoes of BB19 without the nastiness. If BB planned this twist it would have been nice to add a worthy opponent to the mix, let’s say a Pavarti or Sandra from “Survivor.” I thought Pavarti at first because Cirie has played with her, but I thought, hmm, Sandra would be so much fun because she’s won the game twice, and I would love to see those two ladies go toe-to-toe.

With that said, it ain’t happening, Cory is throwing America under the bus, Blue is throwing Jag under the bus, Matt is throwing Jag and America under the bus, Cirie and Izzy are throwing Felicia under the bus, Cameron and Red are throwing each other under the bus. No one is being loyal to their actual allies and you have people like Mecole and Bowie just there, get in the got damn game. You know what we need, the split house twist like in BB24. Oh, that would change the game if the people in control of the house are split from those who are solid allies. Who is going home this week? It felt like Jag at first, but things have shifted to Red, this is becoming a weekly occurrence and it’s a bit stale at this point.