SAN FRANCISCO—The field of urology has evolved dramatically over the years with the introduction of amazingly effective, minimally invasive modalities driven by modern research and development.

Dr. J. Anthony Shaheen of the Monterey Urology Center is a board-certified urologist with deep ties to the Monterey Peninsula in California who has been practicing medicine since 1994.  Dr. Shaheen treats the full spectrum of urological conditions including prostate cancer.  This experience allows him to provide precise diagnosis and recommend the most effective and often least invasive form of treatment, including a breakthrough procedure that has become the option of choice for prostate cancer patients throughout the US and around the world – HIFU, which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

“I want men to know that the prospect of facing prostate cancer today is not at all like it was in the past.  As recent as a decade ago men had every right to be concerned when they received a positive prostate cancer diagnosis.  Too often, impotence and incontinence were the result of radiation or radical procedures. But now, there is absolutely no excuse for not getting screened for prostate cancer – or even becoming overly concerned with a positive diagnosis,” says Dr. Shaheen.

HIFU is an FDA approved treatment that flies against all the preconceptions regarding prostate cancer solutions.  Where traditional procedures left patients with erectile dysfunction and severe urinary incontinence, HIFU leaves erectile function intact and no effect on incontinence.  And where traditional prostate cancer surgeries are complex and leave men with a lengthy recovery process, HIFU is a one-time minimally invasive outpatient procedure that has men back on track with their lives the next day.

Dr. Shaheen attended Monterey Peninsula College briefly before receiving his B.A. at the University of California, Santa Cruz with Honors and then an M.D. at Medical College of Wisconsin.  He also received extensive general surgical and urological training at the University of Louisville.  He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a board member of the American Cancer Society, a member of the American Medical Society, California State Medical Society, American Urological Society and Monterey County Medical Society.  He also volunteers as a medical advisor to the Prostate Cancer Self Help Group of Monterey County. He has chosen to offer HIFU for localized prostate cancer treatment as an option since HIFU allows his patients to get back to their normal activities as soon as possible.

“HIFU is a truly revolutionary new minimally invasive procedure that avoids the two most common, life-altering side effects resulting from radical surgery and radiation, permanent bladder control problems and erectile dysfunction.  HIFU deploys focused, high energy, controlled ultrasound waves to heat and destroy the areas of the prostate gland affected by cancer – without damaging surrounding cells. The prospect of attaining the same cancer-free results without any of the complications inspired me to make HIFU an integral part of my practice,” he adds.

Every 3-second burst of the HIFU beam heats the target tissue so the water in the tissue boils, instantly destroying the prostate cells in the treated area.  Each 3-second burst destroys tissue that is roughly the size of a grain of rice, without damaging surrounding cells.  “Because each treated area is so small, it takes great skill and precision to treat a prostate adequately – and HIFU helps ensure optimal results.”

Many men who were advised by their physicians to practice ‘active surveillance’ – a management option for localized prostate cancer where intervention occurs if the disease progresses – is also a ‘thing of the past.’  “With HIFU, the need for active surveillance comes practically moot.  Because HIFU virtually eliminates the issues and complications associated with tradition surgery, there is no need to put off addressing the cancer.”

Dr. Shaheen believes that HIFU is the most effective, least invasive way to cure early prostate cancer.  “HIFU will remain the crown jewel that urologists have to offer for this disease for many years to come.”

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