UNITED STATES—Traveling as a family is a great way to strengthen your bonds. But the destination also matters. You must ensure that your choice aligns with everyone’s wants and needs. Otherwise, the trip might frustrate some members who may feel left out. The easiest way to settle on a location is to involve everyone in the decision-making. And to make this easier for you, we have outlined some of the best family-friendly destinations you can choose:

Making Memories Around the World as a Family

Do you know that there are amazing family-friendly locations around the globe? Feast your eyes on these fantastic choices and why you may want to head here for your next trip:

1.   Vietnam

Many people think of Vietnam when exploring cheap travel destinations. But did you know that this country is also excellent for family trips? It boasts a trifactor – beautiful beaches, abundant nature, and a unique history. So, no matter your interests, you can find something for everyone. Your children can delight in swimming in the ocean, canoe rides, and snacking on local Vietnamese delights. And the adults can enjoy a walk down memory lane, beautiful hiking trails, an incredibly thrilling culinary experience, and perhaps visit the tunnels. There is a lot to do that one trip does not do this country justice.

2.   Bhutan

We live in such a fast-paced world that self-care often becomes an afterthought. Usually, people start meditating, taking walks, or even sleeping once they burn out. Wouldn’t losing yourself in a country that follows a different school of thought be nice? The people in Bhutan are not interested in the rat race or amassing more wealth than they need. Instead, they focus on happiness – the happier you are, the more successful you are! And being in this destination allows everyone to slow down and just enjoy life. Imagine soaking in hot baths, eating delicious foods, spending your days rafting in the rivers, visiting monasteries, enjoying quiet hikes – it all awaits you in this beautiful destination!

3.   The UK

The UK is a fantastic destination for shopping and eating out in cutesy spots. But food and clothes are not all there is on the menu. This destination also boasts many other attractions, including many historical sites. If you have dreamed of reliving the past and imagining yourself as a royal, now is the time. The castles and museums transport you to centuries ago when the way of life was a far cry from what we have today. And if you want to pay an ode to Harry Potter and other legendary works, this would be the right place. Kids can enjoy all these activities, especially when they get to make their own chocolate!

4.   Costa Rica

Many families favor Costa Rica as a travel destination. And how could they not? After all, it boasts abundant nature, beautiful beaches, and scores of adventures. You can enjoy hiking as you explore the natural flora, ziplining through the forests, riding horses by the beach and in the trails, visiting animals in their natural habitats, hanging out at the beach, etc. Plus, all the activities are safe. And guess what? The entry requirements are also favorable. However, you will need a valid passport. If you don’t have one or yours has expired, you can get one by clicking here!

5.   Mexico

How many countries can beat the beaches and resorts in Mexico? Only a few. People cruise from around the world just to dock at Tulum and enjoy its beauty. But there is much more to Mexico when you are not basking in the sun or getting pampered at the resort. The food is incredible, the people are welcoming, the water activities are safe and fun, there are many activities for children, and the prices are reasonable. You can spend your days trying authentic Mexican foods, attending festivals, and interacting with the locals. The warm weather also favors watersports.

6.   France

What comes to your mind when you think of France? Many people envision Paris – the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful streets, the cuisines in the restaurants, etc. But France has so much more to offer. For example, did you know the Disneyland in Paris is ideal for adults and children? While it might be smaller than most other theme parks, it works its magic. Plus, it is in France! France is also a great stop for art and history lovers. Even if you do not get the allure of staring at historical artifacts and art pieces, being in the Louvre will excite you. And they have so many other museums that cater to children. Outside Paris, there is a lot to do – wine tasting, boat rides, hikes, etc. So, be sure to explore more than just this romantic city.

7.   Spain

Have you considered Spain for your next trip? We have some reasons you may want to consider. Let’s start with the weather – it is favorable for most activities, even during the winter. So, you can still enjoy sightseeing and watersports as the weather takes a turn for the worse. Besides the beaches, you can enjoy football matches (if you secure tickets early), visits to the museums, gazing at the beautiful landscapes, chocolate tours, and incredible food. If you have time, consider taking a Spanish class – it is fun!

8.   Canada

The outdoors! Even if you don’t like being outside, Canada brings out your outdoorsy nature. It features beautiful trails, incredible mountains, and picturesque rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. Running out of things to do is unheard of in this destination. You can ski down the slopes, enjoy rides in the national park, spend your day swimming in the lakes and rivers, have picnics in the enchanting meadows, etc. You might even want to catch a hockey game, go shopping, eat out in the beautiful restaurants, book a hotel with a view of the mountain, or just fall asleep under the stars and watch the beautiful lights. If your family needs a soul-soothing trip, consider this.

9.   Italy

Are you craving authentic pasta and meatballs? How about amazing street fashion? If yes, Italy has your name written all over it. This country is known for its amazing art – people travel from all over the world to see this and its museums. Let’s not forget the landmarks such as the Colosseum. But for foodies, a tour to Italy is all about food – the meatballs, pasta, and pizza. And those who love fashion? – The designer clothes will wow you! You can get good deals on pieces you would not find back home. The children also have a lot to enjoy besides museum tours and food. They can participate in art or chocolate workshops, or you can take them to the countryside, where they can enjoy hiking, horse riding, and other fun activities.

Other good destinations include Cuba, South Africa, Ghana, Germany, Japan, Iceland, Thailand, and Singapore. They all feature fun and safe activities for families, with adult and child options. Before traveling to any of these countries, prepare your paperwork, including travel insurance, identification documents, and vaccinations. Also, check with the U.S. State Department travel advisories regarding safety to ensure you have a good trip. That said, have fun!