UNITED STATES—Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports you can bet on. The U.S presents many horse races that you can watch and participate in. That’s why it’s never a dull moment in this community. Moreover, as years pass by, the admins and essential people continue to evolve horse racing by emphasizing the horse’s well-being and the people’s interest.

As such, new things keep on coming up for bettors to explore. These trends will only continue to evolve every year, and as a bettor, it’s best to keep up with them to maximize your betting experience. To start your 2023 in a good horse, here are the betting trends you should look into this year.

The Rise of Online and Mobile Betting

Although online and mobile betting has been around for a considerable time already, there’s going to be a rise in the number of users who will use these channels for betting in horse racing. Online betting is a convenient way to enjoy wagering while inside your house.

The COVID-19 pandemic, people have been looking for various ways to participate in such betting, and now that the parameters have slowly been cleared, many horse racing events have started to run again. People who can’t attend can still place their wagers by betting online. However, there are states in the U.S where online horse racing betting is still illegal.

Thus, you must consider your state’s mandates before trying this out. Nonetheless, this trend will not go out anytime soon and is expected to grow in the following years.

The Rise of Carryover

The sudden rise of carryover horse racing is no surprise. This has made betting more fun and an excellent way to secure your bets if you want to add spice to your time. Also, some bettors now focus more on this because of its relatively huge payout and depending on the carryover type you place, you can also win millions.

Horse racing carryover is usually offered on any multiple or jackpot bet that can create a betting pool to be carried over the next day when no one wins. In particular, it can be Pick 4, Pick 5 and 6 carryovers, Pick 5 or 6 jackpot, and Super hi five jackpot.

Also, this occurs when there’s no race winner within the pool that day. The carryover pool or “pool” is carried to the following day. This continues from one race to the next until winners or a lucky winner earns them, which can reach millions of dollars.

It’s important to note that some pools now designate to produce multiple payouts. If no one still wins them, there will be mandatory payouts, which means everyone can bring home payouts.

Consider Across the Board

What makes horse race betting more fun is that it has many fun ways you can place. In 2023, it may be time to ditch the simple bets and instead try something new, like the across-the-board bet that has been taking over the market. It’s different from an exotic bet because of the risks you need to consider, but it’s what makes this bet the talk of the town.

To explain across the board simply, it’s about placing separate bets on a single horse on one ticket. If your horse places first or ” wins,” you can receive the payout for your wagers in win, place, and show. Meanwhile, if they finish second or “places,” you can expect your payout for place and show bets. However, if the horse only ends as the third runner, you can only receive your show wager.

Although the risk is considerably high, you can still win significant money if you ever win. Thus, many bettors have been spicing up their bets across the board, and maybe it’s time for you to do the same.

More Bonuses and Promotions to Lure New Customers

Sportsbook continues to attract new bettors in the market by presenting them with more bonuses and promotions. As mentioned, there will be an apparent rise in internet and mobile betting in the following years. This also means a significant rise in competition. As such, sportsbooks continue to appeal in the market with their bonuses and promotions.

As a bettor, you must carefully consider your options to make the best of what you have. So, if you’re planning to find a new sportsbook in 2023, you must also consider what they can offer you.

Live Streams in Horse Racing Sportsbooks

Although TV channels or online websites can provide you with live coverage of the races, sportsbooks have now been trying to offer their bettors livestreams. This way not only can help bettors watch the event but also makes it more seamless for them to place their wagers at the same time.

There’s no need to change window tabs when betting, and if you’re planning to participate in live wagers, this feature makes it even more significant. Again, you should consider elements like this if you’re trying to find a new sportsbook.

Final Thoughts 

As horse race betting becomes more popular, new trends will continue to rise yearly, making wagering more fun and making you expect something new to look out for every time. With the betting trends mentioned above, you can further maximize your horse racing experience and make memorable and significant profits on the side.