HOLLYWOODWriting can be very therapeutic. You can write so you can deal with your emotions, the pain, hurt, anger, guilt, resentment, and through writing you release some of your emotions. Writing soothes the soul and it really works.

According to a few studies, expressive writing can be used as a therapeutic tool for survivors of trauma and in psychiatric settings. If you write about traumatic, stressful or emotional events it has been found to result in improvements in both physical and psychological health.

Many write about relationships and break-ups that can leave us empty, heartbroken, angry, lost and even physically ill. Others write on celebrities. Music journalist Anthony Bozza worked with Courtney Love on her unpublished memoir. He is now taking legal action against her.

In court papers, Bozza has accused the singer of failing to compensate him, according to published reports. He claimed Courtney Love, who is the founding member of the band Hole and the widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, owes him more than $200,000. The book was expected to hit shelves in 2012, however, has been delayed.

Bozza back in 2010, was hired to work with the singer, with insight into her marriage with Cobain and her struggles with substance abuse. The breach of contract lawsuit was filed in New York last week, and claimed Love had received $400,000 out of a $1.2 million advance from the publisher Harper Collins. In the lawsuit, Bozza also claimed “Love’s frequent unexplained absences meant that she did not make herself reasonably available to Bozza for months at a time.”

While Bozza has received $100,000 for the writing project, Bozza has sought an additional $200,000 in damages based on the minimum fee he was guaranteed. While at first, Bozza says, Love enjoyed the work, later in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Love was quoted as saying that she rejected Bozza’s draft because it was too revealing.

She attended the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of the documentary “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.” Both Love and Harper Collins have not yet commented on the lawsuit. Anthony Bozza is an author and journalist known for his articles in Rolling Stone magazine and best-selling books on musicians including AC/DC and Eminem.

One book that will be a best-seller is Kim Kardashian’s new book. Kim Kardashian West, reality star, has written a book titled “Selfish,” which will be released on May 5 and she will be at a signing at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles on May 7. The selfie book features many never-before-seen-personal images of one of the most iconic celebrities in the world. with her DASH clothing line, makeup and perfume lines and the TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” she has a massive fan base of millions.

The very next day on May 8, singer and actor Josh Groban will be signing his new album “Stages,” at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles. “Stages,” is a collection of some of the greatest musical theater songs of all time, which Groban describes as “gorgeously arranged songs that have stood the test of time.”

Sometimes being a journalist can be awkward, especially if the celebrity you are interviewing walks out. That’s exactly what happened to British Channel 4 News interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthyl. Robert Downey Jr. had some harsh words for him, after walking out, after an uncomfortable line of questioning about the 50-year-old actor’s past. “It’s just getting a little Diane Sawyer-y and you’re kind of a schmuck,” Downey said.

One thing is for sure, you can’t compare Krishnan to Diane Sawyer. Diane Sawyer nailed her interview last week with Bruce Jenner. Her questions were on point and the two-hour special gave Jenner the opportunity to define and speak for himself on transgender. Sawyer treated Bruce Jenner with respect, kindness and that’s why she is one of the best news anchors around.

Rose’s Scoop: The 4th annual Montclair Film Festival will take place May 1 through May 10. The opening film is “Hello, My Name is Doris,” starring Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Tyne Daly, Beth Behrs and directed by Michael Showalter.