UNITED STATES—The NFL is off to a flying start, and so far, we have seen several interesting games. Once again, 32 teams would vie to be crowned Super Bowl champions. But only a handful of the NFL teams are in contention for the top spot. Regardless of which team eventually emerges as the Super Bowl winner, there are undoubtedly a few to consider.

Whether you are simply watching for excitement or seeking to bet on a winning team, a couple of teams should grab your attention this season. Here are some of them:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

The 2022 season will be a defining one for the Eagles. The team’s quarterback, Jalen Hurts, is poised to lead them in their quest to establish themselves as a real contender this season. Hurt’s apparent effectiveness as a running QB, paired with the wideout duo of A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, might just be enough to position the Eagles for a great season.

The team’s potential has already been made evident, as it’s one of only two teams to remain undefeated after three games.

  1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the NFL. With its standout roster, this team is sure to make a statement this season. While the Bills have been off to a rocky start, it might be too early to write them off. With a premier quarterback like Josh Allen, the Bills are very much in the running for the Super Bowl.

The Bills would be seeking better fortunes in their match against the Ravens this Sunday. You can check out the odds for each team through FanDuel Sportsbook.

  1. Miami Dolphins

If you’ve been paying attention in the past three weeks, you would know that the Dolphins have some of the most relentless and effective attack plays in the NFL, and their defense has been resilient. If this momentum is carried through the season, the Dolphins might be a true contender for the Super Bowl.

So far, the Dolphins have maintained an undefeated start to the 2022 season, even after three matches. It would be interesting to see how this team fairs as it faces off Vikings and Steelers in the coming weeks.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Tom Brady calling off his retirement, the Bucs cannot be overlooked as a contender. Having one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL would make a difference for this team. The addition of receiver, Russell Gage, might amplify the team’s offensive threat. The threat of injuries for the team cannot be brushed off with Gage already having to deal with a hamstring injury.

Nevertheless, the Buccaneers’ defense has shown excellent quality already this season, which might help the team maintain a solid start.

  1. Los Angeles Rams

The last year’s Super Bowl winners have had a tough start and have not shown the quality that defined their success in the previous season. It would be a mistake to write off the defending Super Bowl champions quickly.

Indeed, the loss of quality players like Von Miller, Robert Woods, and Odell Beckam Jr has had a devastating impact on the team. The Rams still have a solid roster with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. Similarly, with additions like Allen Robinson, the Rams might be able to regain their form this season.


The NFL is highly competitive and full of surprises. Even with the unpredictable nature of the NFL, the teams mentioned in this article certainly have the qualities that might help them make a difference in the 2022 season.