UNITED STATES—Over recent months, schools around the United States have been forced to close as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world. The global pandemic resulted in businesses and facilities across the nation having to temporarily close as an emergency public health measure, which left many children and older students in lockdown at home.

While many have tried to make the most of things by using internet technology and tools like Studocu to teach and learn, it has not been plain sailing for everyone. Some parents have struggled to teach their younger kids using internet technology, and those without computers and internet access have had no way to keep up with their kids’ educational needs. Likewise, some college students have found it difficult to stay motivated while at home while schools and colleges remain shut to ensure social distancing and minimize the spread of infection.

What Happens Next

There has been a lot of speculation with regard to what should happen next in relation to schooling. Many businesses are now reopening after months of being closed, and many parents and students are now wondering when schools and colleges will open back up. A recent OneClass survey among parents has shown that many are keen to see schools reopen in the fall rather than remain closed until next year. The study involved polling the parents of students at colleges and universities in various parts of the country.

Closing schools several months ago was essential because there was too much of a risk to students, faculty members, and other people they came into contact with. However, with lockdown restrictions now being eased and businesses opening back up, there are many who are now keen to see schools and colleges reopen with increased safety measures in place. For many parents, this will enable their kids to catch up on education more easily and get back on track. Most believe that waiting until next year is not an option, as it will be too damaging for students.

As part of the study, more than 6,000 parents were polled, and the majority of them said that they would like to see schools reopen in the fall as long as there were social distancing measures in place. Over 80 percent of parents wanted schools to open back up in the fall while 6.7 percent said that should be voluntary and not mandatory. Just over 5 percent of parents said that e-learning should continue until next year, while nearly 8 percent said that social distancing would not be necessary by the fall.

Catching Up with Education

One key concern for many parents is that their children are missing out on too much of their education. While many are trying to teach their kids with the help on online resources, some parents are struggling to keep up the momentum and children end up learning at different speeds and levels. The longer they have to wait before going back to school, the most the educational gap between students could widen.