SAN FRANCISCO—The President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, Tony Montoya, resigned Wednesday, June 8, after accusations of financial impropriety.

According to The San Francisco Standard, there were rumors of Montoya taking a union vehicle with him back in January when he relocated to the State of Nevada and supposedly used an San Francisco Police Officers Association credit card to fill up the tank costing about $150. Montoya confirmed with San Francisco Standard reporters that the rumors were true but he was not violating any established practice or policy. He also stated that he was originally being accused of theft or embezzlement but asserts that he never committed such acts. 

Canyon News reached out to Montoya for a statement but did not hear back before print. 

Montoya began his career in 2018 and was known for his new approach that was to abandon the association’s “bombastic style.” He told the San Francisco Examiner at the time, “I’ll be more thoughtful. I have an easy disposition and active listening skills.” During his initial term he received criticism for his new approach with critics stating that it was not effective. Despite the criticism he won the election again in 2020 against his opponent Rich Cibotti. The election was close with Montoya wining 848 votes and Cibotti receiving 762. 

Lt. Tracy McCray will be taking his place and is now president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association. Her term is to end February of 2023. She appointed Kevin Worrell as her vice president.