UNITED STATES—The Euro 2020 was an event that was keenly looked upon and most awaited following the Scheduled 2020 Olympics. We all know what happened last year. A lot of events were postponed to 2021. Euro Championship is one of the biggest events in football history. It is planned to start on the 11th of June to the 11th of July this year.

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Teams and Fan Favorites

The Euro cup showcases a lot of huge teams and every time there is the rise of a team that is considered as the underdogs. Let us now look at a few teams and players who are in top form and on for action.


The England national team is known to be an all-time fan favorite side. With captain Harry Kane leading the team, England is one of the teams expected to win the tournament. Lingard who is currently loaned to West Ham is also on the rise with his performance. Will England be able to repeat their victory of 1996? This question will surely be answered soon. Next on the list is Portugal


Portugal is currently the defending Euro Champions from 2016. Lead by Cristiano Ronaldo who was unfortunately benched in the early stages of the game, luck was indeed on their side in the last final. Cristiano despite his age is in one of the best forms of his life and currently is setting an example in the Juventus squad. It will indeed be a pleasure to see him play with his teammates from Portugal looking forward to reinstate dominance.

Now it’s time to look at a few teams that have risen in ranks and have pulled major upsets in the previous games. These teams are:


Iceland is one of the teams that has been showing consistent progress with each major tournament. They are also one of the most famous teams to have spread a unique celebratory method which is now followed around the planet by different teams. Fans will have to wait until June to see how good the team will perform.


In 1980, Belgium had one of the most spectacular matches ever. After an equalizer goal by Rene, the team went on to the extra time limits of the game where the opposition shut the gates on their hopes of victory. Through the year, the team has indeed developed a better bond. They are now a trending favorite to lift the cup in July.

European Cup is one of the leading shows of football where grand teams lock horns to show power. A test where they decide which 11 is the best has seen a lot of changes in in-game tactics and tempo. The month of June is not too far and the hype for the tournament is already in the air.