UNITED STATES—Doubtless, all students need to have rest to refresh their minds after continuous pressure in college. If you’re a student who wants to chill out but doesn’t know where to go, scroll down below. We’ve gathered the best places to get distracted from students’ routine in college.


If you want to get out of crowds, choose Yosemite Park, a place with the best California’s natural landscapes. There are a lot of impressive rock formations, lakes, waterfalls, and Sequoia trees. More than 4 million tourists visit this park every year. Nevertheless, the park is enormous. Therefore, if you want to stay alone and connect with nature, grab a few water bottles and leave the most visited eight square miles of Yosemite Valley.

San Francisco

It is one of the most visited cities in California. Well, there are a few reasons why students choose SF to chill out in California. For those students who have never been to San Francisco, it is an impressive city with a large number of attractions.

You can capture the Golden Gate bridge, explore local architecture, coffee shops, and go shopping for starters. However, if you’re not used to doing sightseeing to relax, SF’s nightlife will 100% impress you. There is an almost limitless number of clubs, amusement parks, and areas to spend time with friends.

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San Diego

Sunny weather, Mexican cuisine, and one of the best country’s zoos are why you should choose San Diego as a destination for your next weekend.

This city will be a great choice if you adore outdoor adventures and want to squeeze everything from one weekend. The San Diego Zoo is a home for rare panda bears, exotic birds, and wild animals. Also, it will help you dive into the marine world.

In case you’re an architect student, you’ll appreciate the fact that San Diego is the oldest city in California. The city is a real treasure for those who like exploring old Spanish architecture and feel those times.

Lake Tahoe

Do you want to feel the power and see the beauty of nature? Lake Tahoe is a perfect destination in California. The lake has a cinematic view with turquoise waters and snow-capped surrounding mountains.

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This destination is perfect for those students who like spending their free time hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and doing water sports. This resort attracts visitors not only in summer. When it’s cold outside, Lake Tahoe becomes a favorite place for skiing and snowshoeing students.

Santa Monica

If you want to get out of a big city and relax as most Los Angeles citizens do, you should navigate to Santa Monica State Beach. Here you’ll be able not only to lay on the sun and swim in the water. You will also bike a Marvin Braude Beach Trail and visit one of the scenic parks in Santa Monica.

You can choose a restaurant and take a bite in the most impressive eateries that you’ll find on the beach. To pass your weekend without any thoughts about deadlines in college, order some help online.

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Palm Springs

In case you want to chill right in an oasis into a desert, you will hardly find a better place in California than Palm Springs. This city was shining in the 50s. However, these days it is standing on the path of rebirth.

Visiting Palm Springs, you’ll be able to walk vibrant streets and pass your time with joy. There are a lot of golf courses, impressive restaurants, night clubs, and interesting museums to visit.

Final Words about Rest in California

Being a student in California, you get an impressive benefit. It’s a vast number of attractions and places to chill out. All that you need is to free your schedule, gather friends, and head to the nearest place that matches your requirements. Feel free to use the selection of the best destinations to chill out in California above to pick a great place.