UNITED STATES—Working in hospitality requires certain qualities such as being a people person, having excellent communication skills, and being both professional and friendly with those you meet. You also need to be presentable, flexible, and have a pleasant disposition for this type of work. If you do possess these qualities, you will find lots of great restaurant jobs in the Bay area that you could consider. If you have the necessary skills and take the time to build a resume that is polished, you could enter into this type of career and enjoy a lucrative income.

When you work in the restaurant industry in the Bay area, you can look forward to a job that is exciting, rewarding, and offers diversity in terms of the people you meet. There are many different types of jobs you can go for, which means that there are opportunities for all experience levels and preferences. In addition, you can easily work your way up with this industry, and you can do everything from work as a chef to waiting, bartending, front-of-house services, and restaurant management, among other things.

Getting into the Restaurant Industry

If you would love to work in this type of industry, you need to first determine what type of work you would like to do. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of different opportunities that you can consider, and the skills and experience levels can vary from one position to another. You can choose from positions such as:

  •         Executive chef
  •         Sous Chef
  •         Front-of-House
  •         Server
  •         Waiter
  •         Bartender
  •         Reservationist
  •         Kitchen Manager
  •         Restaurant Manager

The salary for these jobs varies based on your experience levels, the hours you work, and the restaurant you work in. However, you can find some great restaurant jobs that offer very competitive pay along with other benefits, and you can also progress within the industry.

If you want to get into this sector, one of the things to consider is what skills and experience you need for the specific type of restaurant job you wish to do. Some may allow you to start without experience for entry-level jobs, although the higher-paying ones generally require specific experience and training.

Once you know what is needed in terms of skills and training, you can look forward to achieving your goals by getting the training required. It can also be helpful if you ask around and find out whether there are any work experience opportunities available while you train, as this means that you will have hands-on experience working in a restaurant setting, which can stand you in good stead when it comes to applying for a fulltime position.  

In addition, remember the importance of creating a solid resume. The restaurant industry is competitive when it comes to jobs, and this means that you have to stand out from the crowd in order to secure a good position. Your resume can help you to do this with far greater ease by increasing the chances of getting an interview.