UNITED STATES—The future of the gaming industry looks very bright if the stats from the past year or two are anything to go by.

A booming industry, mobile gaming revenue alone is set to reach some $363 million in Canada by 2025 and part of this has been its rise during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Our writers, including Michelle Thomas, have some good insight on this and a lot of other subjects regarding the gaming industry and you can find her views here.

What Will Impact the Future of the Gambling Industry?

With that being said, global gaming trends don’t stand still and this is an industry that is in a perpetual state of improvement. Many of the slot casinos are doing their best to drive innovation in new games, such as Spin Madness Casino, while other innovations abound as we’ll dig deeper into. Developers in Canada and all around the world are always looking at ways to improve.

Out in California for example, where a lot of gaming innovation takes place, which you can read about at thesfnews.com, more and more jobs are being created in the sector. This area has seen some huge growth in stark contrast to other industries, leading to a very bright gaming industry forecast for the next year.

So, given that experts have been scrupulously monitoring audience interest in certain areas of online gaming, what trends will we see in 2021?

A Rise in eSports

There are some huge eSports tournaments already scheduled for 2021, with this part of the industry growing almost like no other.

Thousands of people are now looking to turn their gaming habits into a pro career and some have already done so to great effect. eSports looks set to keep growing in 2021 given its exposure. Some of the industry’s top performers have mammoth followings on social media and this drives more and more business.

The advent of computer-generated sports games such as soccer and horse racing have also led to more bets being taken on what can be considered eSports, adding more and more into the online sportsbook and casino offers.

Growth in Mobile Games

Given that more people have better smartphones and that 5G is right around the corner, one of the biggest upward trends we’ll see next year is the growth in mobile games.

Without the need for a console, or even a reliable WiFi signal, mobile games increase the overall potential audience and since the hand-held technology is top-class these days, developers are making better and better games.

A trend that began with games such as Fortnite, popular in part because the gaming experience is as good on mobile as it is via a console or a laptop, will continue upwards in 2021 and beyond.

Video Game Streaming

Just as basketball or ice hockey wouldn’t be as popular with the masses if they weren’t shown live on TV, gaming now broadcasts itself more and more with the industry no longer content to rely on game sales for income. If more people are aware of a pastime, more will get involved.

Journalism created specifically within the gaming sphere is on the increase as more attention is drawn to it, while some of the richest Youtubers around achieved their fortunes via gaming and streaming their skills online for all to see. With Twitch now a major draw too, the audience is only increasing as we head into 2021.


We can’t help thinking that ultimately, it’s all about mobile now. Streaming can be achieved perfectly on a hand-held device these days. Mobile games are getting better and eSports can be watched and played this way making it the one thing linking the best current trends together.