HOLLYWOOD—Should we all say it now, “We saw it coming from a mile away.” I said it a few weeks ago that if the powers that be wanted to shake things up on “Days of Our Lives” they would make the baby in Abigail’s belly belong to Stefan and cue the dramatics. Abigail was in utter shock upon learning that the baby she is carrying belongs to Stefan; the guy who influenced her decision as she battled her alters.

I’m not shocked by the storyline, but if Abigail decided to terminate the pregnancy that would indeed shake up the landscape to say the least. Why? Chad will want answers, and so will Stefan, but can you blame Abigail. Stefan took advantage of her when she was unable to provide consent. The conversation between Abby and Gabi was quite interesting. I almost got the sense that Gabi was happy that this was happening to her pal; it’s a bit of retribution for all the mess that Gabi endured as a result of Abigail’s lie. Remember this is the soap arena DNA and paternity results are swapped all the time, so I would NOT be surprised if in the long run this baby actually belongs to Chad! This only further led me to speculate that Gabi might be setting up Abigail as payback. I mean when Gabi shared that tale of her ordeal in prison placing her in a position where she may never carry another baby to term.

It was a devastating blow for a woman who has been through so much, this is either going to strengthen the bond between Abigail and Gabi or cause it to sever even more. Back to Stefan, he has Kate DiMera right where he wants her: graveling at his feet. Not to mention the fact, that all he has to do is spill the beans to Chad about Leo and Kate’s world will come crashing down. Kate is in a tricky position and doing her best to maneuver, but it looks like Stefan has the upper hand and Kate will have to do his bidding otherwise she is in major trouble.

This has also placed Kayla in a predicament because Steve has NO IDEA that his wife did Stefan’s bidding to help him get that bionic eye to improve his vision. We all know that Stephen Nichols is vacating the role of Steve on “Days of Our Lives,” we might have clues now as to how he exits the soap in coming weeks. Speaking of exits, Christopher Sean is on his way out, as well as Marci Miller. It seems the new faces are leaving quicker than you can count to three.

It looks like Paul’s exit will be connected somehow to Will and Sonny’s cover-up of Leo’s murder, while former Abigail portrayer Kate Mansi will temporarily reassume the role she played for several years before exiting. I love this idea, especially since we all know that Ben Weston is back in Salem. After what seemed like a month long story, that should have been 2-3 days at most, Hope and Rafe managed to locate Ciara and subdue due Ben in the process.

Back in Salem, Ben pleaded his case, but Hope and Rafe weren’t buying any of it, that is until Ciara confessed that Ben did not hurt her and he actually took care of her during her injury. That floored Hope who is majorly concerned that her daughter may have built a bond with a serial killer. Yeah, as a parent that would be a major concern for me as well; I wouldn’t want my daughter dating someone who killed several people. However, it looks like the writers are weaving forbidden love tale between Ben and Ciara that could become quite interesting down the road.

Things are indeed getting ugly in the courtroom, as Eve and Victor implemented cocaine in JJ’s apartment to show that Theresa is an unfit mother. Victor is dirty, but I had no idea he was that dirty to ensure his grandson maintained custody of his child. Theresa was livid at the revelation, and swore to prevent Brady from having any interaction with Tate after his latest stunt. I’m stunned that JJ coped to the drugs being his, even though it’s a flat out lie to begin with. I said it before; it looks like a reconciliation is in the works for JJ and Theresa, two wild ones who have reformed their images quite a bit in recent years.

However, when you play dirty there are consequences, because the judge decided to award custody of Tate to Theresa, but she has to stay away from JJ. That literally broke Brady’s heart into a million pieces America, and gave Theresa the victory she was hoping. I thought these two would reunite, but now that this custody battle has occurred I’m not so certain on that. Brady does seem enamored with Eve and I don’t see that changing, but the fact she implemented the plan to plant those drugs can change everything if the news comes out!