HOLLYWOOD—I honestly think all the flicks coming out next weekend, should have come out this past weekend. Why? It seems the live-action version of “Aladdin” wasn’t the big draw that filmmakers suspected, even with a big name like Will Smith portraying the iconic character known as Genie. For such a Disney classic with name recognition, I expected maybe a $200 million debut, but “Aladdin” clocked in $113 million during the four-day holiday weekend.

“John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” and “Avengers: Endgame” remained comfortable in second and third place. “John Wick” earned just over $30 million during the weekend, while “Endgame” added another $22 million to its tally. Other new releases not faring as well with moviegoers were the comedy “Booksmart” with a meek $8.7 million. The comedy directed by Olivia Wilde stars Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever. The horror superhero flick “Brightburn” cooked up $9.5 million during its opening weekend in theaters. “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” added $17.3 million to its box-office gross.

Next week will be a battle with “Rocketman,” the musical about the life of singer Elton John hitting the big screen, and a sequel hoping to improve how audiences felt about its predecessor, “Godzilla: King of Monsters” arrives. Oh, there is also the horror flick “Ma” starring Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer in a role unlike we’ve ever seen from the actress.