SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, May 16, at about 10:30 p.m., the San Francisco Police Department received notification that someone was driving recklessly and discharging a firearm from inside their vehicle. The incident took place near Clay Street and Presidio Avenue in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. 

When officers responded to the scene, they did not discover any victims or damage caused by the gunfire, but they did find shell casings. Shell casings are metal cases that hold a bullet and gunpowder. When a firearm is shot, the bullet exits through the barrel and the shell casing is left behind. Shell casings are automatically ejected in certain firearms, but must be removed manually in others. 

Officers were given a description of the vehicle and the driver and later found a matching vehicle and suspect. The suspect was located on the first block of Grand View Terrace in the Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights neighborhood. He was identified as Tyler Gerow, a resident of San Francisco. Officers arrested him and confiscated a firearm from inside his vehicle. 

According to jail records, he was arrested on suspicion of discharging a firearm with gross negligence and carrying a concealed firearm. He was booked at the San Francisco County Jail and remains in police custody.