Arrogance At Its Best

Kanye West
Kanye West

UNITED STATES—Well, once again rapper Kanye West has done it again. I can’t understand what the deal is with West who appears to be so desperate for attention at times; he’d do almost anything to make media headlines. 

I heard about his latest stunt and was just offended to the core. While performing in Australia, West decided to halt the concert because two concert goers where not standing on their feet for him. Are you serious? Who the hell are you, where someone has to stand to acknowledge you? That is the problem with this country. So many people have this entitlement complex. I have to be seen, people need to see me, I want them to see me, and they have to acknowledge me.

This is the problem with being a celebrity. The countless entertainment outlets place these people on unbelievable pedestal they begin to think they must stay on top and are willing to do anything to ensure this happens. Do you know the difference between a celebrity and an everyday person? Money! That’s it; this is the only thing that separates the two and the fact that so many celebs and everyday people ‘think’ they are to be treated otherwise is ludicrous.

This isn’t what boils my blood, it’s the fact that West later discovered the two people who weren’t standing during his concert were disabled and he sent his bodyguards to confirm why the people were standing. You want to know what makes things worst?

West didn’t even apologize for his antics. I used to be a huge Kanye West fan because of his iconic album “College Dropout,” but the more this man acts out in the public sphere it makes it harder and harder to take him serious as a human being. I’ve been to tons of concerts and the last time I checked I’m paying you, you’re not paying me. So if I want to sleep, stand, or sit, I have that power to make that decision not you. The musician can probably expect plenty of backlash from this incident because it’s horrendous to say the least.

At any given time, those who are on top can fall to the bottom. It just takes a matter of chance. Some people think they are untouchable and that is not the case at all. Those who think they’ll stay on top, find it so alarming when they fall to the bottom and then question why it has transpired. Kanye’s rant was the talk of town on various media outlets this week who challenged rather what the celebrity did was a blatant slap in the face to his fans.

In my personal opinion, West should deliver a personal apology to both fans who couldn’t be more upset about such an embarrassing moment. As a fan of West, he continues to prove that his ego is far larger than his talent. No one stays on top Mr. West, the same applies for any other celebrity who thinks they can never fall from grace. All it takes is a big mistake or a few mistakes and its over!

By Trevor Roberts