HOLLYWOOD—The season finale of “The Bachelorette” aired on Monday night and brought a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy to a close – leaving JoJo with one final choice to make: Jordan or Robby.

With a potential proposal just days away, the finale kicks off and JoJo’s family travels to Phuket, Thailand, to meet both suitors.

JoJo comes from a blended family; she was born to parents Soraya and Joseph Fletcher, who both have two children from other marriages – making JoJo the youngest of five; her four half-siblings include: brothers, Matt Patton, Ben Patton and Peter Fletcher, and sister, Rachel Fletcher – all equally eager to meet their little sister’s two remaining love interests.

JoJo's parents, Joseph Fletcher (left) and Soraya Fletcher (right).
JoJo’s parents, Joseph Fletcher (left) and Soraya Fletcher (right).

Jordan arrives first – with a bundle of flowers. Upon exchanging hugs and hellos, Jordan proceeds to do what he does best: charm.

JoJo speaks privately with her mother, who is incredibly weary of Jordan’s likeability – she tells JoJo, “of course I like Jordan – who doesn’t like Jordan.” She adds, “that’s the problem.”

Meanwhile, Jordan talks with JoJo’s father – he reassures him of his character and confidence in his connection with JoJo, but made one critical mistake: he froze up when the conversation “didn’t feel 100 percent like [he] thought [it] would” and missed the opportunity to ask JoJo’s father for her hand in marriage – something JoJo has voiced is necessary.

The Fletchers seemingly have their reservations about Jordan, but that doesn’t seem to stop JoJo from swooning over him. The two cuddle up outside the estate and reminisce on the day – they kiss goodbye and Jordan is chauffeured off.

Robby arrives the next day – also, with a bouquet of flowers. Robby wows the Fletchers with his outward adoration of JoJo.

Robby’s visit proceeds considerably smoother than Jordan’s; he speaks privately with JoJo’s parents, wears his heart on his sleeve and exploits the opportunity that Jordan never did: he asks JoJo’s father for his blessing; Robby’s impressively expressive rhetoric brings JoJo’s father to tears and he replies, “she trusts you, she believes in you, she loves you – I have no reason to think the relationship wouldn’t be spectacular.”

The entire Fletcher family seemingly felt the same. JoJo kisses Robby goodbye and returns to the living room for feedback and guidance, but Robby’s poise and passion left a lasting impression on the Fletchers and is seemingly the logical choice – Mr. Fletcher describes him as “straightforward, sincere and compelling.”

While the Fletcher’s favor Robby because he’s more “marriage material,” they continue to reiterate that they’d be ecstatic to embrace either or; expectedly, their advice doesn’t alleviate the weight of JoJo’s decision and she’s left to her own devices and the final two dates to find clarity.

First: a beach picnic along the Thai shore with Robby – the two hop in a tut-tut and venture off to pursue the day’s endeavors.

The two share visions of their future along the coast and Robby paints a picture of what their life would look like – “I see us sitting on just the most comfortable living room sofa, while dinner fishes in the oven. There’s a dog on the couch with us, obviously—and then there’s a faint noise of kid in the background, because the bonus room is probably just around the hallway.” He adds, “and then we smell food burning, because we were lost in the moment and lost in the conversation – to the point we overcooked the meatloaf; but we’re fine, because the sauvignon blanc white wine we’re drinking tastes better with delivery pizza, anyway.”

The rest of their date is spent in a Thai hotel room gushing over each other; Robby gives Jojo a gift: a series of sequenced photos that lay out the growth of their relationship – and the two admire how far they’ve come as a couple.

They say their goodbyes and JoJo leaves Robby weary of where he stands; he says “the only reserves I have is that maybe I’m blinded by my love, but it doesn’t seem that way.” He adds, “and that’s where hearing her tell me how she feels about me—that she loves me—would be huge.”

The following day, JoJo meets Jordan at a pier and the two hop aboard a boat and sail off into the Thai sea; they lower a kayak into the water and drift among scenic caves and hallows; they seek out land and cozy up on the beach, where JoJo braces herself for a difficult conversation.

The two talk family and JoJo—knowing that Jordan didn’t ask her father’s blessing—raises some tough questions; she tells him, “it makes me doubt if you’re really ready.” Jordan furiously reassures her otherwise, but explains, “there’s two of us left.” He adds, “I want your family to know that that’s what you want – then I would be comfortable asking your dad.”

Jordan and JoJo finish up their date in Jordan’s hotel room and JoJo tries to clear the air; she tells Jordan, “I sometimes wonder if you’re being 100 percent honest with yourself.” Jordan quells her fears, he tells her, simply, “I will be on a knee and prove that to you – that you will be the one for the rest of my life.” They kiss goodbye and JoJo leaves, with tensions running higher than ever.

The scene swaps to Robby and he’s glowing, he explains, “I have to do one more thing – pick out that perfect ring.” Robby sits down and peruses through a number of stunning, sparkling rings.

Meanwhile, Jordan handles a task of his own; he makes a phone call and on the other line: Joe and Soraya Fletcher. Jordan tells them, “I loved meeting you guys – I wanted to make sure that in that moment, you guys knew exactly how I felt about your daughter and how much I love her and how I do believe she is the love of my life.” He adds, “So Joe and Soraya, I just wanted to ask if I could have both of your permission—to later today—get on a knee and tell JoJo these exact things.”

Next: the ring and an explanation; Jordan picks out a stunning diamond and leaves JoJo a note – it addresses her reservations and reads, “There was never a doubt in my mind that you are the one and today would be the day I would get on a knee” He adds, “This morning I talked to your mom and dad –  I promised to always be the man you believe I am, to never hurt you and to love you unconditionally for the rest of my life. I asked them both for their blessing and permission to make today the most special and best day of our life.”

JoJo says goodbye to Robby.
JoJo says goodbye to Robby.

After a nine-week journey, an anxious JoJo has made her decision and awaits the two remaining bachelors. The first car pulls up and Robby steps out; he pours out his heart and prepares to get down on one knee—that’s when JoJo stops him—she tells him, “I can’t let you do that, because I can’t take that moment from you.” Robby is entirely blind-sided – his composure crumbles and the two share a heart-wrenching goodbye.

Finally, the moment “The Bachelorette” fans have long awaited: the final rose. The second car pulls up and Jordan steps out – he walks down a flight of stairs and meets JoJo, who’s waiting for him on the beach; he confidently launches into heartfelt proposal—but JoJo cuts him off—and for the first time ever, she tells him, “Jordan, I love you so much – and I’ve been waiting to tell you that I love you.”

Without another breath, Jordan gets down on one knee – he proposes and of course, JoJo says yes. The two romp about the Thai shore and bask in the excitement of their engagement – a happy ending to tumultuous voyage.