HOLLYWOOD—I’m starting to get frustrated “Big Brother” fans. It seems like things are continuing to turn into the Paul show, and the only people who are willing to take a shot at this veteran are Ramses and Jessica, and they have yet to gain any power to make the move that needs to be made to change the dynamics of the game. So when we last left off, it was Cody, Alex and Ramses on the block. As we expected Cody was evicted, but the vote was not by a landslide. We expected Jessica to vote for Ramses, however, why in the hell would Christmas and Kevin vote for Ramses?

Well I’m glad they did because they caused utter chaos in house people. Now, let’s talk about Christmas for a second because this is just ridiculous. Her foot is broken, she can barely compete in any competitions, she was gone from the house for nearly 2 days, and she got to cast her vote live via telephone from the hospital. Um, BB you might want to be careful here because you’re setting a precedent. I mean Christmas was entertaining the first week, but this crap is becoming annoying. She can’t compete in half the competitions, why is she still there? Yes, it’s her choice, but it is becoming a pity party for her, just like Raven who whines every damn time she gets a chance.

I hate it, hate it, when you get a house of contestants and none want to play the game. This is why we desperately need all-stars for season 20 or I might seriously check out. Anyway, we get our first endurance comp of the season, and it’s the inevitable wall challenge that tends to work to the advantage of those who aren’t super muscular, but those who are tiny. I seriously was rooting for Jessica, Ramses, Jason or Alex to win this comp to shake up the house, and in the end it was a battle between Elena (never expected that) and Alex, but Alex came out on top!

Now, I really wish Alex hadn’t won this HOH because she was in a good spot, and the more I watch her on the live feeds she is turning into one of Paul’s many groupies as Cody stated. No one in that house has a backbone and follows this guy like a genius. He’s a vet; he made a $450k mistake last season by taking Nicole to the end instead of evicting her. Of course he’ll never own up to that mistake people. He’s no Derrick people; he’s becoming more like Paulie from BB18 each day.

I CANNOT wait till his safety ends this week because now we can finally see what his game is like because he can be nominated. With Alex in power, the popular kids were nervous because one of theirs would be taken out, the question was who? Alex decided to nominate Dominique and Jessica. I have no idea why Jessica, get over your first week fiasco and align with her Alex, you need her to take out Paul! Honestly, she should have nominated Matt and Dominque; I swear this guy has to be the biggest waste of space; he does absolutely nothing but it cereal and has barely been seen in any of the recent episodes.

Jason pushed hard for Raven to go up, but Alex wouldn’t because of her illness. I’m sick of this, if you can’t compete or don’t plan to compete and expect sympathy from the houseguests to take you to the end, just leave the house now. Man, I’m secretly hoping Jason can edge out a win next week and do what he wants and not allow Alex to continue to play scared. However, the rodeo clown won the POV and was planning to use it to take down Jessica, with Matt, Raven or Mark as a replacement. Unfortunately, Alex was wavering because she allowed Paul to get in her ear yet again.

Alex wanted Dominque out, but it looked like Paul was planning something to take out Mark maybe. Cue the fireworks, because drama exploded very early in the morning on Saturday as Paul and Dominique got into a house fight with the houseguests watching as the two traded spars. Per usual Paul got loud and yelled cause Dominque implied he was a snake (he is), but being docile with Paul is never a good look. If he gets loud, you get louder. That’s Paul’s shtick; he did it last season with Frank, with Michelle, with Tiffany and Natalie. He never really goes toe-to-toe with most guys people, more reasoning why I call him a mini-Paulie in disguise.

That fight basically sunk Dominque’s ship, and per BB, the isolation game began yet again. That power alliance has fractured, but I’m glad Jason, Alex and Ramses are now aware that Kevin can’t be fully trusted with info as he always runs back to Paul. Jason didn’t use the POV, Paul decided once again to push the boundaries by dressing as a snake, and Josh and Mark got into an epic fight over hot sauce, pickle juice and a game of pool. Um, Mark the target on your back is growing bigger and bigger by the minute.

This Thursday can’t come soon enough because Julie Chen dropped so many bombs I couldn’t take them all in. We only have 1 Den of Temptation left which is the Halting Hex people, which allows a houseguest to stop a live eviction. At this point I think it’s safe to say Alex, Jessica, Ramses and even Dominique could be contenders for this. Why? America likes drama and we want to see the house shook and someone actually use that power to alter Paul’s plans. Not only that, she revealed that we are having another battle back where Cameron, Jillian, Cody and presumably Dominique would get a shot to re-enter the game.

Fingers crossed for either Cody or Dominque as they will cause the most drama and absolutely go after Paul people. Seeing the rivalry between Paul and Cody is great, but imagine if the powers that be managed for Christmas to go out, Dominque stay and Cody re-enter. We can only pray for that, it would be epic TV people! Last year’s Battle Back was quite entertaining, but I’m hoping the producers don’t rehash the same thing for viewers.