HOLLYWOOD—Man there is nothing worse than a movie that is so HYPED that you’re expecting it to deliver some good thrills and drama, but when it falters, it falters so bad it’s hard to even talk about. “When the Bough Breaks” stars Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall as married couple John and Laura Taylor who have been desperately trying to have a baby to no success.

When all seems impossible they come across who they believe to be the perfect surrogate in Anna (Jaz Sinclair). She is young, vibrant, and energetic, all seems perfect right? Wrong. Anna is no angel and it becomes so clear to the audience during a dinner date with Anna and her fiancé Mike that all is not well in paradise. I mean considering where the movie heads, it’s already clear to John that something is off about Anna, but he doesn’t go with his gut instinct.

Before you know it Anna has moved into the Taylor’s abode and is making herself quite cozy at home. The biggest issue I have with “When the Bough Breaks” is that as a spectator there are all these build-ups of what are expected to be epic moments that fail to deliver. It’s a thriller that aims to thrill, but never quite finds a way to thrill the audience in my opinion. I was constantly waiting for something big to happen and it never happened.

Another issue with this movie is not enough focus is put on Laura (Regina Hall) who is a fine actress that appears to portray a bit part in my opinion. The narrative seemed more in tune to building tension between Anna and John, but could have saw more fireworks if the tension was built between Anna and Laura.

Also the movie just seems to have characters apart of the narrative that serve ABSOLUTELY no purpose. Why the hell was Romany Malco even in this movie? His character served no purpose and just seemed to be there. I mean it would have been interesting to link him to Anna, which the movie hinted at, but never actually went there. The level of boredom with this so called ‘thriller’ was just way too much for me to even want to give this movie any hope.

The climax is a massive disappointment, and the ending, “What the hell?” That may have been one of the worse, laziest endings I’ve ever witnessed in cinematic history. It was almost like, the director, writer and actors all knew the film was a complete mess and said “just end it.” What “When the Bough Breaks” suffers the most from is the fatigue of the classic revenge flick “Fatal Attraction” starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglass. So many movies sense have attempted to mimic that movie’s success without actually having success.

For the life in me, I could not shake the feeling that I was watching the movie “Obsessed” starring Beyoncé and Idris Elba, only this time with different actors and a narrative twist by throwing in the notion of surrogacy. If the title alone doesn’t leave you mind-boggled, the movie “When the Bough Breaks” what have you leaving the theater talking about how exciting it was either.