CALIFORNIA—On Saturday, August 1, a California driver was arrested for driving recklessly on a highway in Oregon. He claims he hit more than 20 vehicles.

Kevin Simpson, 47, of Eureka was arrested by Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers after being involved in several crashes along Highway 101. The OSP said he claims that he struck 26 different vehicles.

A release from the police notes that on Saturday a person reported their vehicle was struck from behind when they were stopped at a traffic signal in the highway. The person said the vehicle that hit them was a green Dodge 1500 pickup with a California license plate, which accelerated to push their car into the intersection. 

The Coos Bay Police Department told the OSP they were investigating the same suspected vehicle for several collisions with other cars. The OSP received a report of reckless driving from the same vehicle near the city of Florence. In one of these crashes, an occupant from a struck vehicle was injured and was taken to the local hospital.

Troopers found the suspected vehicle stuck in the sand after crashing through a gate that led onto private property. The police found out that the Dodge was reported stolen in Eureka. 

Simpson was booked in Lane County Jail, where he faces nine charges including reckless driving, reckless endangering, and disorderly conduct, according to public records. He is also facing a felony charge for hit and run with a vehicle that resulted in an injury. 

The Oregon State Police is requesting information from witnesses or people who might have been struck by Simpson.