SAN FRANCISCO—On April 12, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office announced that Otis Mason, 59, was convicted after a trial by jury for physically attacking a woman, his former partner, resulting in a severe injury.  He was convicted of domestic violence (PC 273.5(a)), battery (PC 243(e)(1)), and elder abuse (PC 368 (c)).

According to testimony and other evidence presented at trial, on January 10, the victim, a 73-year-old woman, was attacked by Mason in the residence she previously shared with him. The victim testified that he came into the home like a madman questioning her about being intimate with another man.

When the victim responded, “what are you talking about?” Mason punched her in the nose while simultaneously shoving a finger up her nose causing her nose to bleed profusely. He also punched the victim in the arm and chased after her as she ran out of the home. The victim was forced outside in the rain with no shoes on as the defendant continued to threaten her. The victim testified that during this ordeal she believed Mr. Mason would kill her and was in fear for her life. Mason finally stopped his attack when the victim informed him that she had called the police and fled the scene.

“Intimate partner violence is a serious public safety concern as victims are placed in a vulnerable position due the position of trust within the relationship,” said Assistant District Attorney Ashley Lee. “The jury’s verdict makes it clear that victims of domestic violence will be heard, seen, and protected in the city of San Francisco.”

Mason was sentenced on April 4 to a three-year probation term, he received credit for the 82 days he served in custody.