DETROIT, MI—Transformative, that is the one word to best describe what I am witnessing in my home town of Detroit, Michigan as things took place to celebrate the 2024 NFL Draft. If you’ve never been to Detroit, you may you think you know, but you truly don’t know. The city has been transformed in a way I have never seen before, almost like the 2006 Super Bowl, but that was almost 20 years ago. What transpired over the weekend, was grand in stature.

Campus Martius is the hot spot for the city where the NFL built the theater where the draft unfolded. Its pretty neat to watch a completely empty space manifested into something not seen before. In addition, the glitz that is coming to Detroit is unlike any other. I mean the city even got its own ‘DETROIT’ sign welcoming the victors to the Motor City. The road blockage and detours were unrelentless, but it is a once in a lifetime event for this town.

With that said, ONLY 13 of the major NFL Draft prospects were in the city, it appears the NFL is hoping to stop forcing potential prospects to wait and not be selected. Yeah that is a brutal reality, but at the same time, just because you go in the top 10 doesn’t mean, you’re be an NFL great. Some of the best players to ever play didn’t go in the first round, so it’s all about grit (a term we love to use) and drive.

So who was expected to go as the top overall pick, it was Caleb Williams who went to the Chicago Bears with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. From there it was plenty of surprises or trades, as it is something you see time and time again. To see the big spectacle kick off with NFL Commissioner Roger Godell take the stage with rapper Eminem, Detroit Lions alum Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders was fun. The event was even bigger with current Lions stars Jared Goff, Aiden Hutchinson and Amon Ra St. Brown appearing on stage.

The #2 pick overall was Jayden Daniels (USC Quarterback) who was also the 2023 Heisman Trophy winner, that was selected by the Washington Commanders. The New England Patriots selected University of North Carolina Quarterback Drake Maye as the #3 pick. For those not in the know, Maye won the 2022 ACC Player of the Year prize.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State University as the fourth pick in the NFL Draft. For those who are not aware, Harrison Jr. is the father of NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison Sr. Joe Alt was selected as the fifth pick for the Los Angeles Rams. Alt is from Notre Dame, but there wasn’t a ton of enthusiasm from the crowd when his name was announced.

The New York Giants selected Malik Nabers from LSU as the sixth overall pick. Alabama star JC Lathan was selected as the seventh overall pick by the Tennessee Titans. Washington Quarterback Michael Penix Jr. was chosen as the eighth overall pick by the Atlanta Falcons. Chicago got its second pick in the top 10 of the draft by choosing Rome Odunze of Washington. The only excitement in the first 10 picks was the 10th pick where the Minnesota Vikings traded up with the New York Jets, swapping the Jets pick to #11.

With Minnesota on the clock they chose University of Michigan Quarterback J. J. McCarthy. McCarthy celebrated from his home in Van Buren Township. It is important to note, out of the first 10 picks in the draft, 5 of them were quarterbacks that went in the first round. Interesting, interesting to say the least people. I have never truly cared about the NFL Draft, but for the first time in years because it transpired locally it brought an energy, excitement I have never thought of or witnessed in my hometown and it will never be forgotten.

Written By Davy Jones