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HOLLYWOOD—Spring is here and Easter came very early this year. Easter is usually a traditional time for family, with many of us heading for trains, planes and automobiles to be with our loved ones over the holiday weekend. The next time Easter will fall earlier than March 31, will be in the year 2285-277 years from now.

On April 1, we bumped into the lovely Marie Osmond who is making the rounds promoting her new book titled “The Key is Love: My Mother’s Wisdom, A Daughter’s Gratitude.” First let me say, Marie does not look a day over 25 years old, she looks better in person than on television. The TV and stage does her no justice, simply gorgeous. Now to her latest book, it is heartwarming, touching and co written with Marcia Wilkie. Marie shares her personal life story in this poignant memoir. She writes about her many challenges and decisions she was forced to make, while balancing a career in the limelight.

She shares in the five decades of her entertainment career, some of the famous women that were great examples of a woman like: Loretta Lynn, Lucille Ball, Pearl Bailey and Tina Turner. She shares with her fans the secrets of wisdom and faith that kept her going always in the right direction. She writes about her mother’s advice that helped her through her darkest moments and survived with her positive attitude. Her gratitude towards her mother is inspiring to all women of all walks of life. Her inspiring tale is well-written, refreshing and highly motivated. She writes about the death of her son and adoption. A great read and highly recommended.

A very busy week, two days later we bumped into actress, writer, Nia Vardalos who is promoting her new book titled “Instant Mom.” We all know Nia as the star of the hit movie “My big Fat Greek Wedding.” what you probably didn’t know is that Nia is one of the sweetest celebrities of Hollywood. The book is a candid and moving book on adoption and the challenges of being a new mom. Everyone has this perception that Hollywood celebrities lead such a glamorous life unlike the average Joe, but in her candid book it shows that we are all the same, whether apples and oranges in the end we are all fruit.

Nia is currently working with Paramount Pictures to write a movie on dating. “What are the age ranges of the people in the movie?” “It ranges from 18 to 84, about an all night party,” says Nia. “Are you planning on seeing your friend Tom Hanks in “The Lucky Guy,” on Broadway?” “I saw him on opening night on April 1.”Wow,” he reminded me what a theatre geek we all are, he is extraordinary,” says Nia.

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks is the toast of New York after receiving positive reviews for his Broadway debut in “The Lucky Guy.” In the play, the Forrest Gump star plays real life tabloid reporter Mike McAlary, which was written by the actor’s long time friend and collaborator the late Nora Ephron. Ephron passed away last year from cancer.

Rose’s Scoop: Rolling Stones announced they will have a North American tour, which has been dubbed “50 and counting.”

By Rose Quintiliano