HOLLYWOOD—Celebrity weddings are gate-crashed either by helicopters or long lens. They appear to be everyone’s business, regardless of whether the two people getting married actually want the world to see them tying the knot. Many stars, keep it very quiet, including Cardi B, 25, who recently confirmed she got married nine months ago in secret. The rapper revealed she tied the knot on the same day her boyfriend Offset, from rap trio Migos, proposed to her.

She wrote on Twitter: “There are so many moments that I share with the world and then there are moments that I want to keep for myself. Getting married was one of those moments!”

The couple is expecting their first child this summer. According to published reports, TMZ was first to report the marriage, posting a copy of the wedding certificate on June 25. The rapper seemed irritated by the revelation, responding on Twitter: “This is why I name my album Invasion of Privacy, cause people will do the most to be nosey about your life.” They kept it secret due to the on-again-off-again relationship. Offset proposed to Cardi B on stage during a concert in Philadelphia. Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, rose to fame last year with the song “Bodak Yellow” while her current single, “I Like It,” is a contender for 2018’s song of the summer. She has come a long way, establishing her name via reality TV and social media.

They aren’t the only artists to keep their marriage a secret from their fans. Let’s look are some of the others who managed to keep their vows private: Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley, the couple never announced their engagement, and married in secret in Australia two years ago. Robbie eventually confirmed the union in an Instagram post showing off her wedding ring. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, although they started dating 2007, the actors never confirmed their relationship. “He’s a friend and the best actor in the world,” was Cruz’s standard response to questions about Bardem. They married during a private ceremony in the Bahamas in 2010, a spokesperson later confirmed.

Comedy power couple Janeane Garafalo and Rob Cohen were married for 20 years without knowing it. Garafalo apparently tied the knot with “The Big Bang Theory” producer at a drive-through chapel in Las Vegas in the 1990s. They only realized the ceremony was legitimate in 2012 when Cohen started making plans to marry his new fiancee and his lawyers dug out the marriage certificate. The couple immediately filed for divorce.

Beyonce and Jay-Z, rumors began circulating for years that the musicians were dating, but fans were astonished when they filed a signed marriage license in New York in April 2008. Six months later, Beyonce confirmed the wedding to fans.

Let’s not forget about Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo. News of Jakson’s second marriage only came to light when she divorced video director Rene Elizondo in 2000. The couple had, however, worked together for 15 years. Elizondo had co-writing credits on dozens of her songs-and it was his hands that covered her chest on an infamous Rolling Stone cover.

Her father Joe Jackson, died on Wednesday, June 27 at the age of 89. His death comes just two days after the anniversary of his son Michael Jackson who died 9 years ago. The family patriarch played a large role in the careers of the Jackson 5, as well as Michael and Janet Jackson. His death was confirmed on social media by some of his family, including his daughter LaToya Jackson and grandsons Taj and Randy Jackson.

Five of Joe Jackson’s sons: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael became the Jackson 5, joined at times by younger brother Randy, who also pursued a solo career. His three daughters: La Toya, Rebbie, and most famously Janet, all fashioned their own pop careers under Joe’s management, with varying levels of recognition.

According to reports, he had been in the hospital seeking treatment terminal pancreatic cancer. Joe Jackson focused on Janet’s career and she went on to become a massive star. While, Michael distanced himself from his father’s management. He is survived by his wife Katherine, 88, and 9 of his 11 children. His eleventh child, was a daughter Joh’Vonnie who was born out of wedlock to his secretary 20 years his junior Cheryl Terrell. According to reports, he carried on a decades long extra-marital affair.

Rose’s Scoop: Roman Polanski’s wife, French actress Emmanuelle Seigner has been invited to become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last month. Her husband was ejected and is currently suing the Academy over the expulsion.