HOLLYWOOD—I pegged that the writers on “The Young and the Restless” might be pointing things in the direction of Adam Newman and Sharon Rosales reuniting. There have been subtle hints ever since Adam Newman returned to the soap, however, now it seems more prevalent than ever before. Why? Adam showing up to Sharon’s wedding uninvited, Chelsea being jealous of a relationship that doesn’t exist, and Adam and Sharon constantly running into each other, it is no coincidence.

Chelsea has been fighting tooth and nail to get her mobility back, but it has been falling on deaf ears. She knows what she is thinking and what she wants to say, but she has been unable to voice it. Heck, Chelsea is even imagining Sharon and Adam as a couple. So the jealously gene is without a doubt rearing its ugly head America and to make matters worse Adam thinks Sharon being Chelsea’s psychologist would be a good idea.

That is a terrible idea, even Adam and Sharon know it, hell, Chelsea even voiced that to viewers, but is willing to utilize her hatred for Sharon if it will help her gain her mobility and ability to speak again. I am very curious where this tale is headed because it seems to point exactly where I mentioned earlier, but could this be the thing that forces Chelsea to resort back to her bad habits yet again, and perhaps enact a bit of vengeance against Adam for all the hurt that he has caused her in the past.

I am really baffled at what the writers are doing with Victoria Newman. She is coming across like a jealous ex-wife, whose former love has finally moved on, she didn’t want him, but she doesn’t want to see him with anyone else people. Billy is with Lily and they have great chemistry together people, so Victoria is out in the cold and the writers seriously have to give this titan of a character a better narrative moving forward. It is silly and boring to death at the moment. Billy notices the jealously, as does Lily who is doing her best not to cause ripples in Billy’s parenting relationship with Victoria. So where this heads, who knows.

Summer has the goods on Sally Spectra courtesy of Flo and can light the match whenever she wants. It has Sally shaking in her boots, just after she thought she delivered the pitch of a lifetime that could explode her career. Summer loves being in power and so does Kyle, but why do I sense Sally is going to gain some leverage on Summer, perhaps the fact that she sleep with Billy Abbott and she might use that information to neutralize her foe if she threatens to release her information?

With that said, I am intrigued by the burgeoning relationship with Jack and Sally. It seems like a very odd pairing, but there is more going on with that relationship than just Jack and Sally being business associates people. Watch out for it because something is indeed brewing America. In other others, Amanda is still grappling with that restraining order that was issued preventing her from seeing her birth mother and her family.

It feels one note, like nothing else is going to happen hear beyond Amanda and Devon continuing do build upon their relationship, just as Elena pines after her former flame. Yes, Elena, you had it great with Devon, but you betrayed him and it all blew up in your face. Abby and Chance have grappled that they will be looking at surrogacy as an option to carry a child, and I think the person who might complete the task is Mariah who is suddenly having baby fever people.

There is also that issue of Faith spiraling at her parents and family who think she has a drinking problem. She doesn’t, she is just hanging around the wrong people and the fact that NO ONE has picked up on that speaks wonders. I’m bringing this all up because with February sweeps just days away, it has left me wondering, what will be the big storyline line or surprise the writers on “Y&R” focus on? That is a question I don’t have an answer to America.