SAN FRANCISCO—Commuters travelling on the westbound span of the Bay Bridge experienced major delays on Wednesday, May 31, after a man climbed atop the center anchorage of the bridge in the morning. California High Patrol officials arrived on the scene and attempted to talk to the man, coaxing him to get down the anchorage. Officials from the San Francisco Police Department arrived on the scene to aid the CHP and established a perimiter.

The incident caused CHP officials to close two westbound lanes of Interstate 80 backing up traffic. Police activity caused a traffic delay of about 30 minutes around the region. According to reports, at around 10:30 a.m., the man’s vehicle broke down, blocking the far left westbound lane of the roadway. After a tow truck arrived to haul the truck away, the driver got out of his vehicle and proceeded to climb the center anchorage of the bridge, refusing to come down.

“W/b at center anchorage expect delays. CHP Officers currently negotiating with distraught party on top of anchorage,” tweeted the CHP Golden Gate.

CHP officers were able to talk the man into climbing down the bridge. The CHP Golden Gate tweeted, “w/b closure resolved. Distraught party safely talked down. Thank you to @sfpd negotiators for great work. All lanes open.”

He was taken into custody and transported to San Francisco General Hospital for a mental health evaluation. He will be retained at the hospital for 72 hours, Officer Vu Williams, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol told The name of the victim has not yet been disclosed to the public.

“Right now, we’re looking into whether mental health was the issue here, or whether there were violations of any vehicle or criminal codes that we need to bring charges for,” Williams said. “But there are no charges pending right now,” he added.