SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, July 29, the owners of the Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco announced they were suing the insurance company, Allianz, and its affiliates. According to the restaurant’s owners, the companies did not honor the national park concessionaire’s business interruption policy. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in San Francisco Superior Court.

On March 16, Dan and Mary Hountalas temporarily closed the Cliff House because of the coronavirus pandemic. The insurance companies refused to cover the losses that resulted from the closure.

“Our commitment to our guests, our staff, and to San Francisco has never been stronger. It is due to this very commitment that we have decided to suspend our takeout service at both the Cliff House and the Lookout Cafe effective this Monday, July 20, 2020. Because of economic pressure during this unprecedented situation we have concluded that it would be best to preserve our remaining resources to ensure a continuance of future operations. This was not an easy decision to make especially considering the support we have received from all of you,” states the restaurant’s website.

Nearly 185 of the restaurant’s workers were laid off during the pandemic.

“We are constantly inspired by the feedback and love that we get from our guests, you are the reason for the Cliff House’s success and for that we are grateful. Together we will move forward and continue our 157-year tradition of serving San Francisco and the Bay Area. The Cliff House has survived earthquakes, fires, and flooding and we will survive this as well,” the Cliff House stated.