Commercials And The Super Bowl Hype


UNITED STATES—There were just so many commercials during the big game, it was almost impossible to keep up with every single one: Budweiser Black Crown, Hyundai, Audi, Oreo, Doritos, Pepsi, etc.  The list goes on and one, but just how effective are these commercials on the consumer.  After seeing an Oreo, Doritos, Audi or Hyundai commercial are we expected to go out and purchase that product?  Who actually knows!  It’s proven though that repeated exposure does play an effect on the individual’s psyche.  Let’s take a look at some of those infamous commercials that audiences were treated to during the Super Bowl.

First up we have the M&M commercial featuring Naya Rivera from “Glee” was quite funny to watch. Those candy commercials are always a hoot to watch, but how effective are they at getting you to purchase a bag. I thought about M&M’s for a second, and then I was on to the next one.

A vast majority of the commercials involved cars! One of the funniest commercials involved Hundai promoting its newest vehicle alongside some small sized children who were on recruitment mode.  Doritos continued to promote its brand involving a commercial with the guys playing dress up was absolutely charming and hilarious. Another funny Doritos commercial involved a goat and his owner.  Now that commercial was side-splitting hilarity.  Who would have ever expected to see a goat eat Doritos and then threaten its owner for hiding the tasty treat from him.

I’ll tell you one thing the trailer for “Fast and Furious 6” looks awesome!  Tanks exploding, air planes exploding, cool car stunts and the return of Michelle Rodriguez as Lettie, Dom’s (Vin Diesel) back from the dead girlfriend. Memorial Day can not come fast enough. It’s the trailer that people have viewed a gazillion times since its premiere.  Bonafide summer hit of 2013, I guarantee it. To follow-up that success audiences were treated to a glimpse of “Iron Man 3” hitting theaters May 3.  Nothing spectacular, nothing we’ll be talking about tomorrow in my opinion. It was indeed a tease.

Fast-food restaurants got in on the action as well with commercials from Subway congratulating Jared, as well as Taco bell a much more hilarious bit involving the elderly and the song “We Are Young” from Fun. In my opinion, one of the worst commercials involved the ad involving supermodel Bar Refaeli and the geeky nerd.  It was nice to see the geek get the girl, but to see both of them going at it was too much.  It was so in your face the commercial was almost difficult to watch; you almost wanted to change the channel or turn your face, but its effective because that’s all that everyone has been talking about since its debut.

One ad that has been rated the most effective was the Clydesdale ad. It was quite touching showing the bond between a man and his horse, but to be honest I barely remember that commercial and its not going to force me to go out and purchase a vehicle.  However, the Audi commercial with the teen heading to prom and kissing the girl of his dreams was quite effective.  It was sending a message, while also promoting a sleek vehicle.  The teen may have had a black eye, but he looked cool while driving back home.

I guess the point I’m making is so much hype is made about Super Bowl commercials yet, how much of an impact do those ads actually have on our lives.  I would say little to nothing.  In my opinion, the ads are more a form of entertainment versus marketing, but perhaps that’s the tactic: its marketainment.  A combination of marketing, advertising and entertainment all in one.

By LaDale Anderson