HELLO AMERICA!—During his time at the Dominican University of California, actor, dancer, poet and artist Correy Harris was considered one of the highlights of that campus.  Because of his star-action on the soccer field, winning game after game for the university, students from every corner of the country inquired about Dominican’s team.  At every turn Harris was in every way very special on and off the field.

Because of his dad who was career serviceman, located in fascinating locations all over the globe, Correy became quite used to a new country and the respective language.  He easily became assimilated in the culture, historically, artistically and of course, the girls who were always anxious to hear about America.  He, naturally, was anxious to show them what a real American boy was like. By the way, he is well grounded in the Japanese language — need I say more?!

After graduating from Dominican with high honors, Correy decided after connecting with those who had previously worked in theatre and films in Los Angeles, he would give it a try himself.  Within a few months he was connected and performing in a small theatre as one of the key leads in a production.  When viewing his performance in an original work “A Lonely Town” it was difficult to take your eyes off of him.

Where ever he moved the audience reacted as if hypnotized!  It was unbelievable. He was so deeply involved in his character of a young lost kid, hungering to discover himself, people were leaning over in their seats not wanting to miss one bit of dialog he was saying. It was obvious to everyone they were being blessed to witness a new young star.

Shortly, after that magic night, Harris appeared in a few more plays and musicals, appeared in several commercials and even a few films. He accepted an offer from a Nashville film production company and spent time there which led to several producers, writers and directors from Atlanta, Georgia; it was strongly suggested that he visit their city because of the amazing theatre and film work being produced there.

He hesitated at first but after doing some research about the city, he began packing. “I can’t live without some kind of challenge,” he confessed.  “Then too, I realized a lot of great musicians had gotten their start in Atlanta, especially ones of color.  So, before I knew it I was driving across country hoping to find another door to open which would allow me to express my art.  I could always return to Hollywood should there be a good reason; then too, I had made some solid good friends there as well. I knew in my gut that, I was doing the right thing.”

Recently, we received a note indicating that Correy Harris is being considered for a cable mini-series that is still in the development stage. When checking on the message, it was confirmed that Mr. Harris is definitely being considered for a major role of the still untitled film story. Within a few weeks, Correy was introduced to several of the Atlanta heavy-weights of the city.

They quickly introduced him to people in the arts who might open doors for him in either the theatre or film production. “I was shocked to find that so many people knew of my work Dominican and Hollywood.  I also realized what a powerful family of artists that exists in the world today. When one considers the technology we have available in making films on every conceivable level, it boggles the mind!”